Review: The Perception by Adriana Locke

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Review: The Perception by Adriana LockeThe Perception (The Exception, #2) by Adriana Locke
Published by CreateSpace on March 3rd 2015
Genres: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 298
Format: Kindle Edition
Source: Purchased

There is no greater burden than a secret, and Kari Stanley has been carrying one alone for a long time. But fate intervenes in the form of a broken down car and the kind offer of assistance from a handsome stranger with a sweet, southern drawl. In exchange, all she has to do is go to dinner with him. Temptation was never so sweet. Max Quinn has secrets of his own. His good deeds aren't just a product of his southern upbringing; they're his atonement. As one dinner turns into two, he realizes that Kari just might be his salvation. As they struggle to find their path together, their secrets weigh heavier on them. Will they be able to trust one another with the truth, or will their secrets keep them apart forever? Although introduced in The Exception, The Perception can be read as a stand-alone novel.

Two words: Max Quinn

I loved Max when he was first introduced in The Exception. A good ol’ Southern boy? Uh, yeah I love them. So needless to say when I saw The Perception was going to be Max’s story I knew I needed to read it.

Our characters:
Kari has become the love him and leave him kind of girl. No attachment, no strings, just get whatever you need and then just leave. She’s been broken before and can’t bear to go through that again, so she keeps Max at a distance always reminding him that they are temporary. She could one day just up and leave…but she doesn’t. She’s a strong character. I loved seeing her go from a tough, strong, independent girl to learning how to rely on others. I also loved seeing her walls come down and seeing the real Kari.

Max * sigh * is such a gentlemen. He is totally worth book boyfriend material. He’s loyal, sweet, caring a family man. He’s just perfect. I loved that no matter how much Kari tried to push him away he wouldn’t give up on her, he kept trying. He was the kind of man you want in your corner. What I liked the most about this story is that we see the working side of Max that demands respect and gives orders and with Kari and his family we see a loving caring man.

The Relationship:
Kari and Max’s relationship is so adorable, loving and would make girls wish they had a boyfriend like Max. They leave each other sticky notes in random spots so they can always remind the other they’re thinking of each other. I also loved how active they were, they enjoyed going on hikes or simply sitting on the couch reading a book. There was also playfulness to their relationship that I have been missing in most books. I love a guy who can make me laugh and feel good about myself…Max definitely did that with Kari. Totally swoon worthy.

Max: “Marry me?”
Kari: “Not today.

The Truth Will Set You Free
Kari has been carrying around a huge secret that has been eating her up alive. She could never turn to her sister Jada because at the time Jada was going through her drama with her husband (read The Exception for Jada’s story). So she’s dealt with everything in her past by herself, never relying on anyone just taking care of herself. She’s afraid once Max knows the truth, he’ll walk away just like he did. Even after, Max finds out the truth he tells Kari he’s not leaving. Her secret (I won’t spoil it for you!) is a major deal breaker in relationship for many and I can understand why she didn’t want Max to fall in love with her but he showed that no matter what love conquers all and if you truly love the person you’ll stick by them no matter what.

That’s not the only problem they had throughout the book…there was Sam. Max’s sister’s friend who has always managed to make Max feel bad about her circumstances so he can’t help but to lend a helping hand. But something just doesn’t sit right about Sam, I knew it from the moment she was introduce. I just knew the girl was “off”. Always trust your gut! Let me tell you, the twists Adriana threw into the story with Sam I never saw coming.

My Favorite Part:
I love tattoos, I only have one but I have so many I would love to get and I love to hear people’s stories behind their tattoos. It helps me understand the person better. I really loved how Adriana incorporated tattoos into the story and their meanings. I especially loved Kari and Max’s tattoos but above all I really loved Kari’s tattoo. *insert cheesy moment here * for me, it really explained how I feel about my fiancé.

“Max was many things to me. He was my friend, my lover, my soul mate. My guiding force. Just like a compass, I could turn to him to find my way home. To him. Because Max Quinn was my home.”

Beautiful, right?

What I loved the most about the story was how much love Kari and Max had for one another. Adriana wrote such a beautiful story about giving love a chance, letting go and loving again. Most importantly, loving yourself. It was truly captivating from beginning to end. Max Quinn is totally boyfriend material. You’ll love him I promise.

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