Feature & Follow Friday- I was born with a reading list, I’ll never finish [3]

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How many books have you got on your TBR list?

According to my goodreads, I have approximately 635 books.

Now, I am sure if I went through my TBR I’ll find books I probably added but I’ll never read.

I’ll also find books with multiple editions so there is probably duplicates on my list.

There are some books I’ll probably move up my TBR others I’ll move down.

How am I tackling this never ending reading list?

Well I recently created a TBR jar [to-be-read jar] and I split it into three jars.

One jar is for standalone books I have my kindle that I need to read.
One jar is for series I want to read/own that I have either started, want to start or need to finish.
One jar is for reading challenges, I found a bunch of challenges on Pinterest and created this jar. Which helps me tackle down my TBR.

With these three jars, I select one from each and have that as my books of the month on my blog. Now, I am a bit behind on this TBR but I am working my way through it.

Another way I tackle my TBR:

The Rainbow BookClub- I have mentioned a couple times that I am apart of a bookclub called The Rainbow Bookclub each month we select a book of the month based on the color of the rainbow. This helps me tackle my TBR because sometimes one of my books is selected as the book of the month so I can buddy read with my girls and tackle my TBR at the same time.

Random Picker- I use a random picker site to help me select a random book to read when I have no idea what I should read. Sometimes I love the book other times, it just doesn’t work out for me.

Will my TBR ever be in single digits? Probably not, I always end up finding new books, new authors, new recommendations. But a girl can try, right?

How many books do you have on your TBR? How are you tackling the TBR list?

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