Feature & Follow Friday | If I could be one character for a day… [5]

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If you can step into one characters shoes (in a book) and be them for a day who would it be and why?Also if you want to be creative what scene?

Jeez, talk about a hard question. The possibilities. The endless possibilities. I can’t even think of all the characters I’ve read over the years. I don’t even know who I want to be for a day! But if you’re going to make me pick, I’m going to go with Nell from All Played Out because that’s the most recent book I’ve read and I’m in love with Torres. Purely selfish reasons I’d love to be her lol.

I’m sort of kidding, I really related to Nell in All Played Out. I constantly have to make lists to get things done, I was always focused on my studies, I don’t go out to party if I do I usually want to leave like an hour after, I’m pretty shy and not really a people person. I loved how in All Played Out she put herself out there and did things she probably never would have done if she hadn’t made her list of things to try/do. I liked seeing her step out of her comfort zone and growing as a character.

Now, my selfish reasons for wanting to be Nell would be of course she gets to kiss Mateo Torres among other things. And who wouldn’t love that? He’s funny, he’s loud, he’s the life of the party and boy is he sweet. Again, who wouldn’t want to kiss him?

Which character would you be for a day? why?

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