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If you were to get a tattoo, what would it say or what would the graphic be? Or if you have a tattoo, share a picture and its meaning.

I actually have one tattoo but I wouldn’t even say I have it anymore. It is on my ring finger and it is faded like all hand tattoos. I got it when I turned 18. I got it on January 25, 2010 to be exact, I got it because I was in a bad relationship and on January 25, 2010 I finally walked away after realizing I deserved a lot better. So I got a heart on my ring finger to remind me that I do not need to ever put up with any of what I went through when I was with that guy. I also got it because I fell in love with Ziggy Marley’s song (you’ll find it below) and knew that that was a promise I needed to keep to myself. So I got it but like I said most hand tattoos fade and mine is pretty much gone but I’d love to touch it up again and really think it out this time around.

What I’d love to get

  • The Eye of Ra – It has been said that it provides protection against bad vibes or anything bad people wish on you. It is something I believe in so I would really like to have it. Not sure where but I’d love to have it somewhere on my back.
  • Aries, Virgo, Taurus and Libra – I am a huge astrology junkie and wanted my sign (Aries) tattooed. So I came up with this idea an Aries in the middle branching out into a circle where the Virgo (my son) would be on top, Taurus (my oldest daughter) on the right and the bottom would be a Libra (my youngest daughter). I’m leaving a fourth space blank because in a couple years we plan on trying for another boy and I’d like to have his/her sign on the left to complete it. It’d show that my world revolves around these signs.
  • Tris’ tattoo from Divergent – I really liked how she got that for her parents and brother. In my life it’s my mom, and two sisters so I would like it in the same spot with their birthdays underneath.
  • Matthew 17:20 – that’s about the only thing I know of the bible and it’s my little brother’s name so I’d like it for both my favorite bible verse and my little brother.
  • In Memory of – I lost a cousin who was like my second mom, her mom who I spent a lot of time with until her last day, a friend who committed suicide and my cousin who was like my older brother. I’d like something to incorporate them and remember them by.
  • Whatever tattoo my grandpa has – my grandpa has a tattoo but he never lets me see it but I want to see it so we can have matching tattoos he’s my world and I’d want something of his because he’s like my dad.

What about you? Do you have any ink/planned ink? What’s the meaning if you have any.

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