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I want to say it began in the summer but in reality it is something that I have felt for a very long time. Am I too old for Young Adult? Have I outgrown it?

I’ve been reading Young Adult since I was about 12 when my mom introduced me Sarah Dessen and I’ve loved the genre ever since. But lately, I feel like I’m too old to be reading Young Adult.

The Beginning Of The Problem

I began reading a lot of young adult and most of them were hype books. I’m like years behind in hyped books so I tried to catch up. But a little into the summer, the books started blending together and many fell flat for me.

I felt like the each had the same plot, the same characters with different names and it felt like I had read this story a thousand times before.

I also felt like the characters were un-relatable. Is this because of my age or is it really because they are un-relatable? I’m ten years older than almost every YA character and I feel like now I can tell the difference because I question all their choices. Sometimes the 16 year old me understands the decisions but the 25 year old me just can see how dumb some of these choices can be.

Am I just too old?

Like I said I have read YA for years and it is the genre I read primarily. But now I’ve found myself reading New Adult and Adult because I feel like I can relate more to the characters.

I don’t really relate to the characters or the storylines anymore. I wish I didn’t feel that way about a genre that I love so much. It feels like I’ve been in a relationship with YA for a long time and now we’re growing apart. Do we break up for good? Or do we take a break?

Young Adult and I are taking a break

  • I will be mixing up my reading habits – I plan to read more of New Adult, Adult, Poetry etc..
  • Take a break from reading.
  • Read more backlist books because I’m sure there is hidden gems out there.
  • Binge watch a show on Netflix or any show really so I can really miss reading
  • Miss YA and try again later

Have you ever felt this way about Young Adult? Did you feel this way about Young Adult before you started blogging or was it after?


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