Review | A Mind Seduction: A book of Poems, Spoken word and Intimate Ramblings by Nicole Banks

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Review | A Mind Seduction: A book of Poems, Spoken word and Intimate Ramblings by Nicole BanksA Mind Seduction by Nicole Banks
Published by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform on August 22nd 2016
Genres: Poetry
Pages: 94
Source: Author

Take a peek inside, and let my words wrap around your mind. Let the chaos in my head take you hostage as you get lost in the words on the pages. A Mind Seduction is broken into four parts.

The first part is filled with poems and spoken word.
The second part is the intimate and heavy stuff.
Part three is learning to let go and the fourth part is a little P.S.A.

Please note that the poems and writings are not suitable for anyone under 18.

Author warning: Part two of the book deals with my experience in knowing someone with cancer and 9/11. Please use your discretion when reading this section.

Reviewing poetry is so personal. Each poem speaks to a person differently. This is my very first time reviewing poetry. I was fortunate enough to beta read Mind Seduction and I was even more excited to read the final product.

There were certain poems I felt a personal connection to and others I didn’t, but that is poetry, right?

Mind Seduction is divided into four parts: The Seduction, The Heavy Stuff, Learn to Let Go and My P.S.A..

There was something I loved about each part.

The Seduction:

This section is about both the seduction of an author making the reader fall in love with their words and the seduction of two lovers.

My favorite lines:

“And rip your heart out with my pen to make you cheer for a villain and hate the hero.” – The Writer

“I’ll leave your soul, in the same condition you left my body, shaken, battered and thoroughly used.” – Shattered

“Envious, never that.
She’s a queen, remember that.
Heart of a child.
Intellect of a scholar, she walks in a room, watch as they all bow down.” – Queen

Flawless is my absolute favorite poem of the collection.

“My legs are strong enough to hold my body up in a world that tries to break me down.”

The Heavy Stuff

The Heavy Stuff is exactly that the heavy stuff. It is a personal glimpse inside Nicole’s world. Sometimes we forget that authors are real people outside of their writing. For me, the heavy stuff was a nice glimpse inside Nicole’s head.

The Heavy Stuff includes two personal stories from Nicole.

One is about her personal experience knowing someone with cancer. The other is my personal favorite about September 11.

Many of us know where we were on September 11. Nicole’s narrative is about her personal experience. It was very eye opening and it was amazing to read about her experience.

Learn to let go is another part that spoke to me on a personal level. It is simply so beautiful and deep.

My P.S.A.

My P.S.A. is a great way to end Mind Seduction. It ends on a positive note and makes you feel good about your day.


I love the collection, some more than others. But overall, I believe there is a little bit of something for everyone in Mind Seduction.

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