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The Weekly Recap is my take on The Sunday Post hosted by Caffeinated Reviewer. I will be highlighting the books I’ve read, what I’m currently reading, things happening on the blog and bits and pieces of my life outside the blog. I’ll also be showcasing the books I’ve recently add to my shelves and I’ll be linking up Team Tynga’s Reviews .

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This Week In My Life:
  • I had a doctor’s appointment and it didn’t go as I expected and I have to have more tests run. So if you could send good vibes that would very much be appreciated.
  • The Littles had basketball this week. Hubby was finally able to make it to practice and what happened? Well Little 2 decided she was going to use her princess status and tell Daddy her legs were “super” tired and she couldn’t walk or run and daddy needed to carry her. *MAJOR EYE ROLLS*. Little 3 was upset my dad didn’t show up to the practice because he always buys her snacks at the vending machine, so she calls him crying telling him she’s mad at him and he rushes over from his house to buy her snack. *INSERT MAJOR EYE ROLLS*. Little 1 had a game yesterday and scored 6 points. His team won 30-14.
  • I’m thinking of cutting my hair but I’m kind of afraid to but I’ve also gotten really lazy when it comes to maintaining my hair. I’ll have to look on Pinterest for ideas.
  • I had to work Saturday and it was so boring. I had a few rude customers but for the most part it was alright.
Coming Up On As Told Tina

I’m currently working on my February posting schedule and I’m not sure what is coming up.

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