ARC Review | K My Name Is Kendra by Kamichi Jackson

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
ARC Review | K My Name Is Kendra by Kamichi JacksonK My Name Is Kendra by Kamichi Jackson
Published by CreateSpace on January 1st 2017
Pages: 178
Source: Author

Fifteen-year-old Kendra James' life begins to spiral out of control with the return of her long-lost runaway sister Meisha, and the visit of a young celebrity uncle with questionable intentions. Things take a particular turn for the worse when that uncle exploits Kendra's loneliness and untreated depression and makes a move on her that sends her world into a tailspin from which she's not sure she'll ever recover. Will she survive this tragedy...or will she hit rock-bottom before anyone even notices?
~A 2011 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Semi-Finalist~

K My Name Is Kendra packs an emotional punch, one that leaves you wanting more and wishing it had lasted a little longer.

The writing of K My Name Is Kendra was probably my favorite thing about the story. It felt personal and it made me care about Kendra as if she was my little sister. I felt a personal connection with Kendra because of the writing. I also have to say I was hooked on the story after the first couple pages and after that I couldn’t put it down.

The only complaint I have about the writing was that at time throughout the story, I felt like it was disjointed. I wasn’t entirely sure why I felt like this but I felt like parts of the story were missing that would’ve made this a 4 even 5 star read for me.

One thing I wish had been answered in the story was the poem that started it all. I wanted to know what exactly triggered this snowball of events. What did the poem say? I know why it was written but I personally wanted to read the poem to get a better feel for Kendra.

Kendra is our main character (obviously) and I have to say that I thought she was strong besides being naïve but again what fifteen year old girl isn’t? I felt like despite how much she had gone through she was stronger then she knew. I also liked the side characters and which I could’ve gotten a little more of them throughout the story.

I have to say that my other favorite thing about the story was the ending. It wasn’t your typical happy ending and for once I was totally okay with that. I felt that made the story more realistic and it made me feel better about the story. I say this because I didn’t want everything tied up nice and neat into a perfect box and handed to me at the end of the story. The situation that Kendra goes through that was something that couldn’t be neatly taken care so quickly. And the author definitely handled that appropriately.

Overall, I look forward to reading more by Kamichi because this story was beautiful even if it was short. I feel like K My Name Is Kendra may resonate with me for a long time. This book maybe short but like I mentioned it packs a big punch and you should give it a try.

JUST AN FYI: I will have to say that this story may not be suitable for some because of the material but it doesn’t go into extreme detail.

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