My Goals + Challenge Sign Ups for 2017

Posted January 4, 2017 by Tina in As Told by Tina / 2 Comments

Today I’m sharing with you my goals for 2017 and a couple of challenges I’m signing up for. Hopefully this will keep me accountable throughout the year.

My Reading Goals for 2017

You can read my all my goals here but today I’m sharing with you just my reading goals. I’m also linking this up to #BookishResolutions hosted by Michelle @ Because Life.

  • Don’t participate in the Goodreads Challenge! (set an actual goal) I want to read as much as I want without the pressure.
  • Finish 6 series that I have yet to finish.
  • Reread Harry Potter
  • Read more books I own (both physical and ebooks).
  • Do not go over my $300 book budget, I’m setting for myself.
  • Read more diverse.
  • Read 5 books I own before buying new ones.
  • Read all Rainbow BOTMs & Review them.
  • Read all my BOTMs
  • Use my Kindle Unlimited Subscription
  • Read all of my top 17 books of 2017
  • Complete all my reading challenges.
  • Listen to 40 audiobooks.
  • Read 12 books in Spanish.

Challenges I’m Signing Up For

How Am I Going To Keep Track Of The Challenges?

My bullet journal and goodreads shelves. I decided this year to create a bullet journal just for reading and blogging and I made spreads just for the challenges to keep track. I’m pretty excited to accomplish these goals. I plan to have a recap every month so that way I can see how much I’ve accomplished throughout the year.

If you want to read and keep up with my challenges you can do so with my challenges tab at the top of my site!

Are You Participating In Any Challenges? If So, Which Ones?

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