As Told By Littles | The Cat In The Hat by Dr. Seuss

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As Told By Littles | The Cat In The Hat by Dr. SeussThe Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss
Published by Random House on March 12th 1957
Genres: Children's Picture Book
Pages: 61
Format: Kindle Edition
Source: Library

He may be an old standby, but he never lets us down. When in doubt, turn to the story of the cat that transformed a dull, rainy afternoon into a magical and just-messy-enough adventure. There's another, hidden adventure, too: this book really will help children learn to read. With his simple and often single-vowel vocabulary, the good Doctor knew what he was doing: hear it, learn it, read it--laughing all the way. The Cat in the Hat is a must for any child's library.

Little 1 came home last week with a letter from his teacher telling us that for the entire week of February 27-March 3 they would be celebrating Dr. Seuss. They had numerous activities planned such as crazy glasses day, crazy hat day, crazy dress day and pajama day.

I thought it would be a good idea to read a couple Dr. Seuss books to the Littles as bedtime stories. Our first book was “The Cat In The Hat”.

Little 1 was the one who stayed up for the story and really enjoyed it. He loved the rhyming, the illustrations and how easy it was for him to catch on to the story. He told me they read this story during story time at school and he thought it was funny.

I remember reading “The Cat In The Hat” when I was younger and I really enjoyed how silly it is and now as a mother I found it to be pretty silly and it also made me wonder a couple things. Like why wasn’t anyone taking care of the kids in the first place? They don’t look old enough to be home alone. Secondly, would my kids tell me if they had a special visitor like The Cat In The Hat? I’m going to say probably because they would be so excited that they would tell me all about their adventure.

Now, you tell me do you think that your children or even you as a child, would you tell your mother if The Cat In The Hat came to visit you?

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