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Welcome to another edition of #LetsReadIndie! Today I am sharing with you an excerpt of Starbound by JJ Green. Starbound is a prequel Shadows of the Void Space Opera Serial.

Please note that RaeAnne is currently taking the week off so I’m the only one posting today for the #LetsReadIndie event!

Excerpt of Starbound by JJ Green

Jas Harrington gripped the handlebars of her snow mobile and pressed the throttle. The machine pulled away beneath her, sending up sprays of powder snow on either side. She grinned.

It had snowed the day before. The first snow that year, though winter was almost over. Maybe the last snowfall at low altitude on Earth forever, some said. Over the last few decades, Antarctica had changed almost beyond recognition as raised global temperatures melted its massive ice sheets, calving icebergs as large as countries to melt into the ocean.

At that moment, Jas didn’t care what humans had done to their home planet. She didn’t feel as though Earth was her home anyway. She’d grown up on Mars until she was twelve and already weak-boned from the low gravity. When the paperwork came through from the Martian colonial government, she left the home for cared-for children and traveled to the mother planet to complete her adolescence at a second institution.

After months of aching muscles and headaches, her body had finally adjusted, but the policy of separating the Martian children for better ‛integration’ meant she’d been lonely. No one had told the Earth children they were supposed to let the newcomers integrate.

Sergei was riding his snowmobile parallel to hers as she powered over the ice, the roar of the engines making speaking impossible. A fellow student from the training college, his black hair streamed out from beneath his hat. Like hers, his eyes were hidden behind dark snow goggles. He waved at her and pointed in the direction they were heading. They had to be nearly at their destination, though she couldn’t make it out against the snowy white landscape and the bright clouds.

She nodded in reply, and her heart surged. She didn’t think she’d ever been this happy.

They were almost upon the igloo before she saw it. A crude lump of slightly dirty white became visible in the landscape. Sergei was already slowing down, and Jas did the same.

As they stopped and she stepped down from her vehicle, she smiled. The igloo was very clumsily put together, as if the builders had been drunk when they made it. Roughly cut blocks of ice balanced precariously upon one another, creating a haphazard wall. It looked like it would have fallen down if not for the freezing temperatures that seemed to be holding it together.

“This is it?” she asked.

Sergei was taking off his goggles. “Of course. How many other igloos do you think there are around here?”

Jas pulled off her goggles too, along with her hat and gloves. “But I thought you said it took you and Aaron two whole days to build it?”

“More than two days, if you include cutting the blocks.” He took off his gloves. “Do I detect a tone of disbelief? I get it. It’s hard to credit that we could construct such a magnificent edifice in such a short time.”

“You’re right.” Jas tilted her head to take in the detail of the structure. “I…can’t quite believe it.” She couldn’t hold in her laughter any longer. She burst into giggles and found she couldn’t stop. She bent over, nursing her aching stomach. Pulling off her goggles to wipe her eyes, she finally began to catch her breath. “So this is what you meant by your Love Palace?”

I’ve never read a space opera serial before so I plan on picking up a copy soon. How about you?


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