Top Ten Tuesday | Top 10 Things That Will Make Me NOT Want To Read That Book

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Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish. Each week there is a prompt and you make a list about that prompt. This Week the prompt is: Top Ten Things That Will Make Me NOT Want To Read That Book.

  • 1. Characters named Andrew, Andy, Drew, John, Johnny. – My dad’s name is John so reading romance books with characters named John is just weird. The name Andrew reminds me of someone I really really hate.
  • 2. Sexual Abuse – it just triggers me.
  • 3. Horror – I’m a chicken.
  • 4. Vampires/ Werewolves – I was over both of these after Twilight. Sorry not sorry.
  • 5. Not so pretty covers – there are some covers that make me NOT want to pick up the book but sometimes I’m just petty.
  • 6. Not so catchy titles – sometimes I’ll want to read a book just on a title alone but sometimes the titles scare me away.
  • 7. Suicide – another trigger for me.
  • 8. Hype – sometimes hype makes me NOT want to read a book until the hype dies down.
  • 9. Bad Reviews From People I trust – if one of the people I really trust doesn’t like a book, the chances of me liking especially if we have similar tastes there is a pretty slim chance I will not read the book.
  • 10. Bad author behavior – going after reviewers, just overall bad behavior makes me NOT want to read anything from that author.

What are some things that make you NOT want to read a book? Do we share any in common?


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3 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday | Top 10 Things That Will Make Me NOT Want To Read That Book

  1. ceearrbooknerd

    Totally agree that you need to avoid things that aren’t good for you at whatever point you’re at! Also, bad author behaviour – argh!!!! Lol.

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