Top Ten Tuesday | Top 10 Things That Will Make Me NOT Want To Read That Book

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Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish. Each week there is a prompt and you make a list about that prompt. This Week the prompt is: Top Ten Things That Will Make Me NOT Want To Read That Book.

  • 1. Characters named Andrew, Andy, Drew, John, Johnny. – My dad’s name is John so reading romance books with characters named John is just weird. The name Andrew reminds me of someone I really really hate.
  • 2. Sexual Abuse – it just triggers me.
  • 3. Horror – I’m a chicken.
  • 4. Vampires/ Werewolves – I was over both of these after Twilight. Sorry not sorry.
  • 5. Not so pretty covers – there are some covers that make me NOT want to pick up the book but sometimes I’m just petty.
  • 6. Not so catchy titles – sometimes I’ll want to read a book just on a title alone but sometimes the titles scare me away.
  • 7. Suicide – another trigger for me.
  • 8. Hype – sometimes hype makes me NOT want to read a book until the hype dies down.
  • 9. Bad Reviews From People I trust – if one of the people I really trust doesn’t like a book, the chances of me liking especially if we have similar tastes there is a pretty slim chance I will not read the book.
  • 10. Bad author behavior – going after reviewers, just overall bad behavior makes me NOT want to read anything from that author.

What are some things that make you NOT want to read a book? Do we share any in common?


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