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Hey everyone! I am slowly working my way out of my blogging/reading slump and today I have a different kind of post! I have wanted to start a bullet journal series for some time on the blog but just haven’t felt inspired but today I am. I’ve been bullet journaling for about a year now and I wanted to share with you some of the things that I have learned through my bullet journal journey.

1. You don’t need a fancy notebook to bullet journal – now if you have noticed many bullet journalists use moleskine or leuchtturm A5 journals. But the truth is, you can bullet journal with ANYTHING. All you really need to bullet journal is a journal of any kind it doesn’t matter if it is grid, dotted, plain or lined and a pen or pencil!

2. The bullet journal only works if you make it work for you – I know I have found a ton of inspiration on pinterest, youtube and the bullet journal community on Instagram and when I attempted some of those spreads, I realized that they weren’t for me. So I made my own spreads, I used some of the inspiration I found on Pinterest, YouTube and the bullet journal community and made it work for me.

3. You don’t need all those collections in your journal – in my previous two bullet journals, I had a ton of collections. When I started 2017 I used about 20 pages for my collections because I realized that all those collections I had made previously, I actually didn’t need.

4. Your bullet journal doesn’t need to be super artistic – I’ve seen a ton of people say they would love to bullet journal but aren’t creative enough to start one. Well let me tell you a secret, I’ve seen some absolutely gorgeous minimalist bullet journal. Another secret most of my bullet journal spreads are traced because I can’t draw to save my life.

5. You don’t need all those fancy pens – I am a penaholic (I doubt that is a word but trust me my family can tell you I am a pen-aholic) so when I see other bullet journalist using this pen or that pen I tend to buy it. And sometimes I don’t like it and it just sits in my pencil case. You only really need a pen or pencil to bullet journal nothing more!

6. It is totally okay to mess up a page or not even use that spread (you know which one) – I can’t even begin to tell you how many opps pages I have in bullet journal, how many spreads were never used. It is totally okay! The best thing about the system is that you can learn as you go!

7. It is absolutely okay to be in a planning slump – planning slumps are just as real as a blogging and reading slump. THAT IS TOTALLY OKAY!


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