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Welcome to #LetsReadIndie! Every Wednesday RaeAnne and I will either be interviewing or sharing an excerpt from an indie author, in hopes that you’ll be inspired to pick up one of their books! Today, I will be sharing with you an excerpt from Forever Is Mine (which is free) by Wendy Louise.

Every so often someone special comes in to your life and it is so monumental that it marks time. It’s like a date is forever imprinted on your heart. After that, everything before pales in comparison and you wonder what you ever did without them….

Feeling the need for a change in life, Ava Lucas boards a plane for LA to work with her movie star sister. After making a vow to steer clear of men while she is there, she comes face to face with danger and temptation – all wrapped up in a 6 foot, blue-eyed, smoking-hot package. Her promise to herself is compromised as soon as she locks eyes with her sister’s gorgeous co-star, but already knowing his reputation with women, can she resist?

Ethan Drake is Hollywood royalty. Hot and charismatic. A total player. He sets his sights on Ava from the moment he lays eyes on her and what starts as a conquest turns in to more as she manages to chip away at the walls he has built over the years to protect his heart.

Can Ava resist the powerful lure of Ethan and stay true to her promise? Can Ethan bury his demons and turn his back on his playboy ways to convince Ava to be his?


Forever Is Mine Excerpt By Wendy Louise



I roll to my back and toss the condom to the floor. As I stare at the ceiling, the hottie to my left rolls to her side and places her head on my chest. Her dark hair fans out over my arm, tickling it as it pulls across my skin. She starts to run her fingernails across my abs, scratching as she goes. Before the sex, this would have turned me on, now it’s annoying me.

“Wanna do that again?” she says in a sing-song voice as her hand trails lower.

That’s my cue.

My cue to leave.

I gently remove myself from under her and search the floor for my jeans.

“You’re leaving?” she says, sitting up quickly and tossing her long hair over one shoulder.

“Yep,” I say as I button my fly and grab my t-shirt from under the bedside table.

She gives me a tight smile and says, “I guess what they say about you is true.”

“Yeah and what’s that?”

This girl is starting to piss me off and the fact that I can’t remember her name is not helping.

“You really do use women for one thing…”

Now she’s really pissing me off.

She only wanted me for one thing last night and she got it.


No to mention the fact that she has bragging rights – I bagged Ethan Drake!

So what the hell is her problem now?

“I never promised you anything but great sex and that’s what you got sweetheart,” I throw back.

“The great Ethan Drake,” she says through her teeth, “the Sex God with no emotions.”

“I’ll take that title as a compliment,” I say as I try to find my car keys.

“You’re a pig,” she says as I start to head out of the room.

I’m not going to argue with that assessment either. Call me what you will, Sex God, Pig, I can be either of those things.

The women I sleep with only want me because of who I am and what they can get from me. So I flaunt it. Who wouldn’t? But at the end of the day, doesn’t that make them the same as me? They use me in the same way as I use them.

I make my way to the door to leave and toss a “Thanks” over my shoulder.

Hey I’m not a total asshole!

I manage to get through the door before the shoe she throws at me hits the other side. I can hear her yelling at me from her position on the bed, but she is already a memory to me. I won’t be going there again.

I never do. No repeat performances for me.

I push the button for the elevator and take a deep breath. I’ve just had great sex with a hot chick. Most guys would give their left nut to have a night like I just did.

So why do I feel so hollow inside?

Thank you so much, Wendy for being apart of #LetsReadIndie!


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