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Welcome to another Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and Bookish! Today I am sharing with you, my favorite TV/Movie and Book Mamas!

My Favorite Book Mamas

1. Dante’s Mama from Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of The Universe – I thought she was so loving and remind me a lot of my mom.

2. Star’s Mama from The Hate U Give – I absolutely loved this family dynamic and I really loved Star’s mom. She was supportive and just overall amazing.

3. Mrs. Weasley – she’s the best book mom I’ve ever read. I hope I’m just as bad ass as her someday.

My Favorite TV/Movie Mamas

4. Kitty from That’s 70 Show – I just love kitty and I feel like I may act like her when Little 1 gets older because he’s my only son and I don’t want him to get older.

5. Mia’s Mom from Princess Diaries – I know this is a book series but I’ve never actually read the books but I love the movie and Mia’s mom was an amazing mother.

6. Piper from Charmed – she just an amazing mother and an amazing sister.

I actually couldn’t come up with ten and that makes me sad. Why aren’t there that many good mothers in movies/TV/ books?

Who are some of your favorite moms in books/tv/movies?


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