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Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and Bookish. The topic for this week is Top Ten Things On My Reading Wishlist. (Yes, the title of the post is from Dragon Tales. If you don’t remember that show or never heard of it, that will either make me feel really old or really sad).

Today I’m going to share with you some of the things on my Reading Wishlist and if you know any books that fit what I’m looking for LET ME KNOW!

1. Mexican American Characters (who actually speak English and Spanish) but that does not have the stereotypical party girl or drug dealer older brother. I was never a party girl so I feel like I don’t live up to the stereotype. Unfortunately my brother does live up to his but we can’t win them all. *shrugs*

2. Teenage Pregnancy – I’m a teenage mother, most of my friends are teenage mothers and I would like to read more books with this. I feel like sex is kind of a taboo when it comes to teenagers and I think it should be discussed.

3. Stay at Home Moms – I was a stay at home mom for almost three years so I would like to read more stories about stay at home moms.

4. Ghost stories – I’m scared of almost everything except for ghosts and spirits so like I want to read more these.

5. Witchcraft probably Mexican witchcraft – I would love like a Mexican Charmed edition for a book or something along those lines.

6. A Book about writers – I guess the best way to say this would be like a book inside of a book so a character is writing a book while the author is writing the story. Does that make sense?

7. Basketball romance – I live for basketball especially college basketball. I can name like two books with basketball and I don’t understand why it doesn’t get any love!

8. Baseball romance books with Latinx Characters – baseball is played by a majority of latinx players yet all the baseball books I read are white characters.

9. More books set in the 90s. – I use to be in chat rooms and message boards when I was younger. And to this day I still communicate with most of the people I talked to in those chatrooms and message boards! I’d like something like that.

10. More bromances – I would love to read more bromances. I feel like there is a ton of female friendships but not enough bromances? WHY?

What are some of the things on your reading wish list? Do we share some of the same wishes?


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Tina is a twenty something year old mommy of three and lifelong lover of reading. When she is not breaking up fights between her littles, you can find her binge watching a show on Netflix or pretending to organize her life in her bullet journal. But in reality she's just an organized mess.

  • OOh nice picks! See a few of these around the blogosphere today!! Ghost stories made my list as well!!

    Here’s my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂

  • Labyrinth Lost is a series about Latina brujas. It actually covers two of your categories. I also love that you want more sports books! Great list…

  • Greg Hill

    Great list! I’d like to see more bromances and 90’s books too. And books about writers… and it would be nice if we could get past some of those stereotypes, I mean it’s 2017 you know? 🙂

  • I agree with more stay at home mom books. Sadly I’m going back to work in June, but would love to be a SAHM. I suggest you read Confessions of a Domestic Failure by Bunmi Laditan- I just finished it and it’s so funny and real!

  • Hi, Tina!
    First things first, thank you so much for your comment, I really appreciate your effort and I shall correspond you.
    ‘Aristotle and Dante discovers the secrets of the universe’ is the only book with mexican boys I can remember, but I see that you’ve already read it XD
    So I don’t actually have a recommendation for you, but I agree with your list. If, casually, there’s a teenage pregnancy in a book, it’s usually under a bad perspective. Seems like literary world think all teenage moms are disgraces or that writing about it would encourage it, but mostly you’re right about the taboo around sex. For example, my parents never talked with me about it and they just gave me a book xD not even one of those teenage books about boyfriends and STDs. Anyway, my point is that ‘adults’ often seem to be scared of their own experiences or at least of discussing them. And they let the taboo take control, leaving the uncomfortable stuff for the people that has to suffer it. Another thing are the stay at home moms, it’s super common for those characters to have a severe lack of dimension, like all their lives were cooking and cleaning. If I remember well, there’s a lot of Stephen King’s books with a stay at home mom protagonist. One that I speacially liked was Cujo, it really got into my nerves.
    Turns out that I lied, The Never Ending Story is kind of a story within a story and i loved it so much. It’s not about a writer, but a reader, and I recommend it to you anyway. Also I have another on the bromance topic, in The Lies of Locke Lamora there’s a group of male friends, with a special friendship between a couple. It’s a ‘mannerpunk’, with a fantasy world based on Italy. There are three books, but I only have read the first one and by far I can tell that it’s awesome.

    Now I should be ending the immense comment XD thanks for passing by my blog and for the opportunity to meet you, yours it’s lovely.