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The Weekly Recap is my take on The Sunday Post hosted by Caffeinated Reviewer. I will be highlighting the books I’ve read, what I’m currently reading, things happening on the blog and bits and pieces of my life outside the blog. I’ll also be showcasing the books I’ve recently add to my shelves and I’ll be linking up Team Tynga’s Reviews .

This Week On As Told By Tina
This Week I Hauled:

Borrowed from the library: Misbehaving, Bad For You and Until The End by Abbi Glines.
Kindle Unlimited: Dear Aaron by Mariana Zapata

This Week In Reading:

I actually didn’t finish any books this week but I did start the audiobook for Three Dark Crowns. Have any of you read or heard it?


Jess from The Audiobookworm and I are hosting #Audiobingo be sure to join us!

I’m epically failing at this challenge but I think this week I’m going to get caught up!

This Week In My Life:
  • I normally have two days off but my co-worker was sick on Monday so I was called in last minute. It kind of ruined my plans but the extra money will be nice.
  • I am about to finish my bullet journal and ordered a new one. It came in Friday but the first couple pages were falling apart. I requested a refund and I ordered a new one.
  • I’m registering the kids for the summer reading program and found a couple programs the library offers that I’m interested in. I just have to see if I’ll have an actual chance to go.
  • The hubby’s birthday is next Thursday. I want to make him a cake but he says he no longer has a birthday. *rolls eyes*
Quote of the Week:

Don’t lose the spark that makes you YOU.

How was your week?

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