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As Planned By Tina is my little space on the blog where I share with you one of my favorite things bullet journaling. This month, I finally moved into my new bullet journal. I also bought a Create 365 Happy Planner (its not going so well with this one) because the kids will begin school soon and I feel like a regular paper planner may help keep up with everything. I’ll post about this later on.

Introducing my new Bullet journal! I ordered a pink leuchtturm1917 notebook but the first ten pages of it came out so I had to return it. I decided to order a Navy Blue leuchtturm1917 notebook. I absolutely love the color and I couldn’t wait to dive in and make new spreads.

Before I moved into my new bullet journal, I made a list of things I wanted to keep, change, add and delete from my bullet journal. I feel like every bullet journal is a new experience and a new chance for you to grow. I can definitely see the changes from my first bullet journal to this one.

Now, I haven’t made all the changes I’ve wanted so far. But before starting a bullet journal, I like to flip through my old ones and decide what spreads are worth transferring over to my new one. I made the decision in my old bullet journal to eliminate most of my collections. A lot of them I never looked at, others didn’t work out, others I forgot about. So for this bullet journal I kept the ones I absolutely knew that I would use.

In my red bullet journal, I didn’t like my key. A key is pretty important for a bullet journal. I haven’t found one I really like so this is of course another experiment. I love browsing pinterest and instagram and trying to find something that could work for me.

For this bullet journal, I decided on a coloring coding and working on new symbols. I noticed that with my red bullet journal, I ended up changing my daily spread and using different symbols so I decided to make that change official in this bullet journal.

When I begin a bullet journal, I like to have a year in a glance. I also decided to try a different future log. I saw something similar on Pinterest and thought this might be perfect for me. I decided to only do July-December because my goal is to keep this journal until the end of the year. I also decided to try something new with my birthday spread. Believe it or not I still forget people’s birthdays.

I wanted to make a spread to divide up my goals for the year. I decided to do a quarter set of goals because I feel like breaking it down really helps me. The next page which is blank at the moment is for my action steps to achieve my goals.

One of my favorite spreads in my bullet journal is my TV show tracker. I made a list of shows on netflix and hulu that I want to watch and then I start highlighting the ones that I have watched. As you can see I have watched a couple shows already.

I decided I needed a spread for TV premiere dates, I always forget what days shows are going to start so that I can DVR it. I really liked this spread but I feel like I might change it up in the future. I covered up the other page because that’s a spread I made for work. I take notes during conferences so I didn’t feel comfortable sharing that.

I’m pretty excited about this journal. Moving into a new bullet journal, getting new ideas is probably one of my favorite things. I didn’t share all my spreads just because some are little more personal. However, I hope you enjoyed the little peek inside my bullet journal. In a couple days, I’ll share with you my very late July set up and inside my Happy Planner.

How do you prepare for moving into a new bullet journal/ Happy planner?


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