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I took a break in July from hosting the instagram challenge that RaeAnne and I usually host. But I’m back! And I’m here to introduce to you guys our August 2017 instagram challenge #Book2School.

The challenge begins on August 1 and ends on August 31st. To participate just use the hashtag #book2school. RaeAnne and I will both stop your photos throughout the month and comment!

We hope you participate!

Introducing #Book2School

Explanation of #Book2School

We wanted to a bit of a back to school theme because most schools go back in August/September.

  • 1. August TBR – show us what’s on your August TBR!
  • 2. Favorite Coloring Books – Today is National Coloring Books Day so we want to see some of your favorites. Purely for selfish reasons so we can see which ones we need to get our hands on.
  • 3. Get To Know Me (5 Facts About Me) – tell us a little bit about you!
  • 4. Bookish Poll (Pick 4 books & Have your follows pick your next read) – We thought this would be kind of fun. Bookstagram is known for promoting tons of books, many of which we have sitting on our shelves still waiting to be read. Well today we want you to select 4 of those unread books and have voters pick which ones you should read next!
  • 5. Favorite Bookish Friendship (Friendship Day) – it is National Friendship day and we want to see your favorite bookish friendship!
  • 6. Favorite Bookish Sisters (National Sisters Day)– it is National Sisters Day and we want to see your favorite bookish sisters!
  • 7. The Longest Series You Own – show us the longest series you own! Bonus points if you’ve read it all!
  • 8. Book + Favorite Beverage – I love seeing people’s favorite drinks so I can’t wait to see yours.
  • 9. Why I Read (Book Lover’s Day) – We want to know why you read! Bonus if you show us the books that got you into reading.
  • 10. A Book That Kept You Guessing – have you read a book that had all these twists and turns that YOU DID NOT SEE COMING? If so, share it with us.
  • 11. Bookmarks – we want to see all those pretty bookmarks of yours!
  • 12. Protagonist Love – show us some love for your favorite protagonist!
  • 13. #SockSunday – lets see your socks and the book you are currently reading!
  • 14. A Genre You Want To Read More Of – is there a genre you want to read more of? Have your followers recommend you some titles!
  • 15. Book Spiral – show us your take on a book spiral.
  • 16. Book + School Supplies – show us what you’re currently reading and some of your favorite school supplies.
  • 17. Purple Books – I think this one is pretty self-explainatory.
  • 18. Book Recs (3) – share 3 books you’ve read this year that you would highly recommend.
  • 19. Show Me Your Notebook/ Bujo – Show us your bullet journal or notebooks!
  • 20. Behind The Bookstagram (pics of a photoshoot) – we want to see the behind the scenes of a bookstagram photoshoot!
  • 21. Nostalgic Read – show us some of your favorite childhood books!
  • 22. Required Reading – show us some of the books that you had to read in school bonus if you actually liked it.
  • 23. A Book That Made You A Better Person – is there a book that just changed your outlook in life? If so, what is it?
  • 24. Book + Book Bag – show us your books and bag!
  • 25. Shelfie – we want to see your shelfie!
  • 26. Favorite Women Authors (Women’s Equality Day) – share some of your favorite women authors.
  • 27. Fantasy Love – share your favorite fantasy stories.
  • 28. Book Sleeves – show us your favorite book sleeves (you can tag the stores too!)
  • 29. Book + Snacks – show us some of your favorite snacks to enjoy while reading.
  • 30. August Haul – show us what books you bought this month!
  • 31. August Wrap Up -show us what you read this month.
  • We hope you join us! Be sure to use the hashtag #book2school!


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    Tina is a twenty something year old mommy of three and lifelong lover of reading. When she is not breaking up fights between her littles, you can find her binge watching a show on Netflix or pretending to organize her life in her bullet journal. But in reality she's just an organized mess.