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Welcome to another edition of As Planned By Tina. Today I’m sharing with you my September 2017 Bullet Journal Set Up. This month, my followers on Twitter decided I should do a Harry Potter theme for this month. I attempted but it didn’t turn out quite like how I imagine but I’m pretty happy with my set up this month, it’s extremely short and simple.

I am still in my Royal Blue Leuchttrum 1917 Dotted Hardcover Journal. I’m about 100 pages in so I definitely think this one can last me until December. (I’m totally brainstorming ideas for a reading bullet journal and a regular bullet journal for next year!)

As usual, I did my layout with my Tombow Dual Brush Pens and my Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens in M and XS. In my August set up, I mentioned I wasn’t feeling the entire set up and I ended up not even using the set up at all. So for September, I decided to attempt something I’ve seen on Instagram and Pinterest but kind of make it my own.

I decided to do a monthly overview, my life is a bit hectic right now and I need a big overview of everything I need to do. I did a color code that I use in my overall key. This has definitely helped me see everything coming up in my schedule.

This is one of my favorite pages and I think it’s a set up that I’m going to stick with. I decided to combine my anxiety, mood and habit tracker into one. Let me be honest, I’m horrible with my habit tracker and mood tracker. I seem to really focus on my anxiety.

For September, I went ahead and took out habits that I wasn’t doing anymore and limited it to about 13 habits. These are habits I’m really trying to complete this month and make them apart of my routine.

I also did a key for my mood and anxiety trackers. I love coloring in the boxes and seeing how my anxiety and mood look throughout the month.

The next page is my one line a day where I put one good thing that happened that day. We tend to focus on the negative a lot or at least I do and my therapist wants me to focus on finding just one good thing throughout the day. I won’t lie somedays it is a struggle but it’s also nice to know there is something to be happy about.

I’m already planning October in my head. I’m thinking very Halloween theme and I’m pretty excited to bring it into my journal.

Opinion Time

I’ve been working on my bullet journal page for the blog and I wanted to know what do you want to see on the page. I was thinking of including the supplies I use (pens, ruler, etc.) but I also wanted to see what else you’d want to see on the page.

I’d love to see your September Bullet Journal Set Up! Link Me up to your post and show me!


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