August 2017 Wrap Up

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Welcome to my August 2017 wrap up! I am beyond glad that August is over and I’m seriously hoping September is better. Despite having the worst month ever, I managed to read 6 books.

A Monthly Recap is exactly what it sounds like, a recap of the month. I’ll be recapping books I read, posts of the month, a little bit of what’s going on outside the blog, and a little bit of what I have plan in the upcoming month. I’ll be linking up my monthly wrap to Feed Your Fiction Addiction.

This Month I Read:

This Month on As Told By Tina
This Month Challenges Update
  • 2017 Goals: I finished 1 series so now I’ve accomplished two series out of the five I hoped to finish this year.
  • Alphabet Challenge: I completed the letters N, Q, and Y. I just need 6 letters to complete the entire alphabet.
  • Audiobooks Challenge: I listened to three audiobooks bringing my total to 25.
  • Debut Author Challenge: I began listening to Caraval but my audiobook expired before I could finish it. 🙁
  • #LetsReadIndie Challenge: I read 3 indie books this month.
  • Netflix & Books Challenge: I began watching Fuller House but have decided that I need to update my challenge page and that’s my goal for this month.
  • Netgalley & Edelweiss Challenge: I read Queen Of Hearts.
  • Read It Again, Sam Challenge: I haven’t re-read any books but plan on reading a couple in September.
  • #RockMyTBR Challenge: I recently updated my RockMyTBR but this month I read 3 books off my list.
A Break From Books And The Blog
  • August was not the best month for me at all. I tried so hard for it to be a good month and of course it wasn’t.
  • My husband was arrested and has been in jail since mid-August, leaving me with all the bills and I’m struggling to pay the bills. The stress level of mine is through the roof.
  • The police department beat my grandpa up for not opening the door fast enough for them to do a search warrant at my uncle’s house. He ended up with fractured ribs, bruises and his dog ended up with bruises.
  • I ended up watching This Is Us and no one told me I’d cry so much. I’m so excited to see where the second season is going to go.

Here’s to hoping September is a far better month for me. I have plans to actually blog and blog hop and have some pretty neat ideas for the month or so I think so. Let me know what you plan on reading in September and how August treated you!


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