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It is no secret that I haven’t been writing reviews lately. Honestly for a book blog, I’m kinda shitty. I hardly write reviews anymore. In fact, if you find a review on here lately we should call it a miracle.

I’ve been thinking about working on my review style but the most important question on my mind is:

Do I NEED to review EVERY book I read?
Most importantly: Do I WANT to review EVERY book I read? The answer to both is no. Now hear me out.

1. Sometimes I don’t have anything to say about the book.
This can be the case when I’m reading a hyped book. Do I really need to recap every other review out there? The answer is no. What if the book was just okay? It wasn’t anything life changing, nothing totally special. Nothing I would highly recommend to others. Do I really need to write a review for it? This is where I have an internal battle of should I write this review or shouldn’t I?

2. I’m being 100% honest, I sometimes forget to write a review.
Sometimes I jump from one book to another and never stop to write a review. This is coming from the girl who keeps a review notebook by her all the time! Yet, I still can’t find myself to actually sit and write a review. I’m trying to force myself to write more and more reviews because am I really a book blog if I don’t review? (This is another question I ask myself!)

3. I’m being 100% honest (again), I’m lazy.
I’m actually super lazy when it comes to actually writing reviews. I always say to myself “I will write this review later” and you can hear the narrator in the background say “She never did write that review”.

4. I only end up reviewing the books I either highly recommend or I’m extremely passionate about (good and bad).
I find that the books I absolutely loved or the ones I absolutely hated are the ones I feel like I have to review. The ones I want to shout to the world to either please read this right now or you may want to stay away from this one.

One of the main reasons I decided not to review every book I read is because you would probably be able to tell just how much I feel or didn’t feel about the book given by the review. If I didn’t feel much about the book, I feel like that will be shown through my written review.

The other reason I feel bad for not wanting to review every book I read is because I know authors need reviews. This helps them with marketing especially on websites such as Amazon. This is especially true for indie authors. I want my review to give you something to look forward to and want to pick up the book, but how can I do that if I don’t feel passionately about it? How do I balance the two?

So let’s talk about it!

Do you review every book you read? (If so, tell me how you find the passion for it) If you don’t, do you ever feel guilty about it? (Like I do?) Do you feel it is important to review EVERY book you read?

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