#MyTBRList Review | Butterfly (A Public Enemy Standalone) by Cambria Hebert

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#MyTBRList Review | Butterfly (A Public Enemy Standalone) by Cambria HebertButterfly (A Public Enemy Standalone) by Cambria Hebert
on November 3rd 2017
Genres: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Pages: 377
Format: Kindle Edition
Source: Kindle Unlimited

Drunken brawls. One-night stands.No-show interviews. Toilet-papering my hoity-toity neighbor’s house.Insulting my fans. Trashing hotel rooms.What’s it take to become public enemy number one?I just told you.I’ve done all that and more.My poor conduct got me on the Celebs Behaving Badly listand ultimately ruined my career.From the world’s number-one popstar to world’s most hated.That’s me. Ten Stark.Go underground, they said. Stay out of the spotlight.Most importantly, stay out of trouble.Everyone loves a good comeback story.For once, I listened.I met someone who didn’t know my name,my face, or the bad behavior that defined me.She taught me I wasn’t who everyone thought I was—everyone including me.Then someone whispered my name and things got messy, as they always do.Now I want her back.I’m not a caterpillar, but a butterfly.My wings are in full color, not just black and white.But first, I have to shed my cocoon and fly.

Note: At this moment I haven’t finished the book, I’m about 61% in and so far I’m not loving it. Don’t get me wrong the story is good but I’m just not connecting with it. I’m hoping the last pages of the book pick up the story for me because as of right now this is looking like a possible 3 star read for me.

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