My Favorite Tropes….EVER.

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Today, I thought I’d do something a little different and share with you my favorite tropes ever. I am absolute trash for these tropes and I will honestly buy/request/borrow a book if any of these tropes are even mentioned. I might even throw in a book recommendation.

My Favorite Tropes EVER

Trope # 1: Brother’s/Sister’s Best Friend
Why I Love This Trope: This is probably my favorite trope ever. And I can honestly say it is because my brother didn’t have any hot friends so I feel cheated. CHEATED I TELL YOU! Just kidding…sorta. Anyway, I love love these stories. Seriously, if the synopsis even mentions brother’s/sister’s best friend I AM BUYING IT!

Just read the synopsis of this one and you’ll see why I one clicked.

Trope #2: Enemies to Lovers
Why I Love This Trope: I love the sexual tension and I love when the couple realizes that they actually really like each other.

The sexual tension in Playing It Up is one of my favorites. I LOVE THIS SERIES. This one is probably one of my favorites in the series too. (Trigger Warning: Domestic Violence)

Trope #3: Friends To Lovers
Why I Love This Trope: My husband and I are a friends to lovers story so that’s probably why I love this trope so much. But I also love knowing someone on a friendship level and then it slowly growing to something more.

This book is so cute and sweet it will give you a toothache.

Trope #4: Fake Dating
Why I Love This Trope: THIS IS PROBABLY ONE OF MY FAVORITES EVER. I love when a couple pretends to date then they actually fall in love and ugh it gives me all the feels.

Do you know how many times I’ve re-read The Off Campus series? Too Many too count. And actually I’m slumping really hard right now so I might re-read it. I miss my boys. Garrett is probably one of my favorites and I love the fake dating/friends to lovers this book has. (Trigger Warning: Rape)

Trope #5: A Bit Of An Age Gap (Age Gap?) Whatever I Name It WHAT I WANT
Why I Love This Trope: I’m actually a year older then my husband but I’m the one that gets carded all the time HAHA. But anyway, I love a bit of an age gap. I won’t do like 30 years older because that’s just not my thing but like 1-10 years I can definitely do.

Milli is a professor and Sage is the young up and coming rockstar. There’s like a 5 year difference (I read this a while ago). And I really loved the age difference and how both balanced each other out.

Trope #6: Opposites Attract
Why I Love This Trope: I just loving seeing two people who aren’t what others would consider compatible work together to make their relationship work.

My Strongest Weakness is only a novella but it is one of my favorites EVER. It takes place in the 90s. Hero is the star quarterback and Head Of A Fraternity. Heroine is a punk rock grunge type of person. Hero makes her a mixtape guys! A MIXTAPE. UGH I wish this was full length novel.

Trope #7: Someone comes back to their hometown (there’s like an official name for this trope, right?)
Why I Love This Trope: I have no idea why this makes me melt but it always does.

Forever My Girl is also in theaters and ugh this is such a perfect second chance romance plus the whole hero comes back to the hometown and throw in a secret baby. DUDE I’M THERE. I should’ve read this sooner but I still loved it. I kinda liked the movie better but that’s probably because I watched it first.

Trope #8: Bad Boy/Girl Falls For The Good Girl/Boy
Why I Love This Trope: Taming the bad boy/girl is just a trope I seriously enjoy.

Mateo is the party boy, Nell is not and it is the perfect story of the good girl taming the bad boy. Although I’m not sure if Mateo is that bad. Maybe I should’ve picked a rockstar romance.

Trope #9: The Secret Baby Trope/ The Unexpected Pregnancy
Why I Love This Trope: I am absolute trash for this trope. Throw in an unexpected pregnancy and I am here for it. This also happens to be the story of my life lol I guess you can say a lot of tropes I love are because they relate to my life someway or another.

This is probably one of my favorite series ever and I really enjoyed this book even though it wasn’t my absolute favorite it is still.

Trope #10: The Slow Burn Romance
Why I Love This Trope: I love a good slow burn romance. I love seeing a relationship start to grow.

Dear Aaron was one of my favorite reads last year. It was written in emails and IMs (if you don’t know what that is, don’t tell me because I’ll feel old). It was such a good slow romance and I’m set to read two more of Mariana’s books this month and I heard she is queen of slow burn.

Trope #11: Second Chance Romance
Why I Love This Trope: I love reading about a relationship that didn’t work out the first time but the second time is the charm. Again, this is another story of my life lol.

This is probably one of my favorite second chance romance books. It is so so good but it will also make you cry and then you’ll have to send Adriana Locke your therapy bill. But I highly recommend it.

And there you have it, my favorite tropes ever. Do we have any in common? What are some of your favorite tropes?

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