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Tell Me Something is hosted by Rainy Day Ramblings. This week the topic is What books are you excited to share with your kids or younger readers in your lives?.

I am super excited for this topic because Little 1 is learning to read and I cannot wait to figure out what his tastes in books are. I also have a 11 year old niece who doesn’t like to read so I’ve made it my personal mission to find books that she’ll like. I haven’t been totally successful yet but I’m not giving up yet.

That being said, these are some of the books I can’t wait for my kids to read some day.

I remember one of the first books I read by myself was a Goosebumps book. I loved these books so much.

Madison Finn came into my life when my parents divorced. Madison Finn was also a character whose parents recently split and she was trying to adjust. I remember thinking this was amazing, that there were characters like me! I feel like maybe it is time to introduce my niece to Madison Finn because she is going through something similar and I feel like maybe Madison will mean to her to me.

Abby Hayes was what inspired me to write. I’m not sure who introduced me to her but I’ll always be thankful to Abby for putting paper and pen into my hands.

Of course, this one would be on my list. Although Harry Potter wasn’t the book that got me into reading (that was Madison). Harry Potter really opened doors for me and it meant so much to me growing up. My niece actually did read this one in school and she loved it.

Sarah Dessen was one of my first ever young adult authors. My mom bought me all her books for Christmas one year and I’ve been buying her books ever since.

I kind of want to buy this one of my niece because I feel like the way the book is written might be really cool for her and would open up doors for her to other genres. I’m really the only one in both sides (her mom and her dad *he’s my brother in law* who actually reads) so I really want her to experience and find books she likes.

THIS IS THE FIRST BOOK I SAW MYSELF. My sister recently read it and she was amazed. We both felt like for the first time in 20 something years, we saw ourselves in books. Aristotle and Dante actually takes place in our city so we felt a deeper connection to it. I hope my kids and my niece will be able to appreciate this book as they get older.

What are some books that you can’t wait for your nieces or nephews or children to read? Have you read any of these?

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