Blog Tour + Giveaway | Ways To Go by Katrina Marie

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Blog Tour + Giveaway | Ways To Go by Katrina Marie

I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Blog Tour + Giveaway | Ways To Go by Katrina MarieWays to Go (Taking Chances Book 3) by Katrina Marie
Series: Taking Chances #3
Also in this series: Remember That Night
Published by Self-Published on April 19, 2018
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Format: eARC
Source: Author

When Jake walked into the tattoo shop Life in Ink, he had no idea his life was about to change. This time for the better. After his girlfriend left him and decided to raise their daughter with another man, Jake walked away to put the pieces of his life back together.

Charleigh knows she has what it takes to be the best artist in her uncle’s tattoo shop. If he’d only give her a chance. When Jake walked into the shop, she’s not sure why he gets under her skin. But he does, and she doesn’t like it.

Jake has to overcome his fear of living in his parents’ shadow and finally stand up to them, with Charleigh by his side. But Jake isn’t sure he’ll be able to push aside his jealousy and raise his daughter. Will his pride get in the way? Or will he finally become the man he wants to be?

Ways To Go is the third book in the Taking Chances series; you don’t have to read the previous books (Welcome To Your Life and Cruel and Beautiful World) to read Ways To Go. Ways To Go follows Jake, a character that we met and disliked in Welcome To Your Life. I’m not afraid to admit that I was terrified of reading Ways To Go because I didn’t like Jake very much in Welcome To Your Life and I didn’t think he could truly turn himself around. But let me tell you, Katrina you really outdone yourself. This was by far my favorite character and my favorite book in the series.

The Story
Ways To Go takes place a couple months after Welcome To Your Life ends so to fully understand the story, I would personally read the first book. I didn’t feel like it was such a long gap between the books (like time wise). Katrina didn’t give a ton of background information just the basic so you won’t miss anything if you don’t read the first book. She got you.

The story is written in dual point of view. I personally preferred Jake’s point of view more then Charleigh’s. The story is a bit fast paced but for me it also sucks you right in. Before, I knew it, the story was already at the end and it left me wanting more.

I did feel like some of the plot could have been expanded on because I felt like some things wrapped up pretty quickly and I felt it was a little abrupt (at least to me). I felt like the story could’ve gone just a little deeper. But of course, this is all personal preference for me. It could definitely work for you, I’m just attached to these characters and I just want thousands of pages about them.

The Characters
Jake is like I mentioned a character we met in Welcome To Your Life and he did not make a good impression. He was your typical golden boy star athlete with rich parents who had ridiculously high expectations of him. They decided everything in his life (expect of course about becoming a teenage father but hey, that doesn’t mean they can’t “fix” that problem). I loved how the story shows is growth and his struggle. The struggle of not really wanting to argue with his parents but also wanting them to back off. The struggle of wanting to be a father but also not being sure if he was ready. I really loved his character growth and I honestly found myself wanting him to win.

Charleigh is our heroine and she is an apprentice at her uncle’s tattoo shop. CAN I TELL YOU HOW EXCITED I WAS TO READ A FEMALE TATTOO ARTIST? Charleigh is a little bit like Jake but she’s also different. She is trying to fight for her stop at the tattoo shop to finally tattoo while her parents don’t exactly agree with her career choice they support her. That of course, was something very refreshing supportive parents in books are so hard to find. Charleigh wants to focus on her career and doesn’t want to lose focus by being in a relationship. I loved seeing her finally getting to tattoo and I also loved how supportive her parents are. She wasn’t my favorite heroine in the series but I still thought she was good for Jake.

The Romance
I would definitely say this is an insta lust type of story. The characters do feel a connection right away. So sometimes I did find myself rolling my eyes a bit but you know what redeem this for me. THEY ACTUALLY DATE. They actually go on dates. It is so rare for couples in books to actually go on dates. This is another one of my favorite aspects about Katrina’s books; the characters date and they have all different kinds of date. IT IS SO REFRESHING!

The Friendships
One of my favorite things about Katrina’s books is the friendship. Each book in the series has such strong friendships and I absolutely love that. I love reading about girls who have an actual friendship and it isn’t catty, guys who actually talk about their problems and their feelings. It was so refreshing. It is one of the things that always find lacking in books but Katrina makes it a point to have strong long lasting friendships. And I think it is one of the reasons I am always looking forward to reading her books because I know there is going to be a romance but most importantly there is going to be a friendship as well.

What I Liked & Disliked

  • I personally loved the friendships and the fact that characters actually go on dates.
  • Charleigh being a tattoo artist.
  • Jake finally standing up for himself even though there were times I didn’t really agree with him.
  • Being able to see how some of the other characters from the previous books were doing. I felt like I was still able to check in on them and I really enjoyed that.
  • The little cookie crumbs (at least I hope they are, if they aren’t KATRINA MAKE IT HAPPEN) for some of the other characters I hope get their own books.


  • Jake’s parents. God they were awful.
  • I loved the pacing of the story but I felt like it kind of ended abruptly or some of the things could’ve been expanded on or perhaps I’m just selfish and didn’t want the story to end. (I’m pretty sure it was the later).

Gif Summary (idea from Olivia)


This is Katrina’s third book and to be honest this one is her strongest and personally my favorite of the series. I also feel like Katrina left us some cookie crumbs of the other books coming because I can see some of the characters being introduced in Ways To Go getting their own book and I WANT TO READ THEM. If you haven’t picked up this series, you should. They are fast paced, real quick reads and snapped me out of a reading funk! I hope you love them as much as I do. And personally, this book is my absolute favorite in the series and I cannot wait to read whatever Katrina writes next.

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