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Tell Me Something is hosted by Rainy Day Ramblings. This week the topic is a mid year check in for challenges and reading goals.

Can you believe it is already June and half the year is already gone? HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN SO FAST? Today I’m sharing with you a little mid year check in.

My 2018 challenges

I took on far too many challenges (some hosted by others and some I just wanted to make for myself).

  • #ASeriesAMonth (Goal:12) I’m really behind on this challenge. I’ve only read one series so far and that was The Brooklyn Bruisers by Sarina Bowen.
    # Needed to complete challenge: 11
  • Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge (Goal:26): I’ve completed 16 letters! I think I can definitely accomplish this challenge.
    # Needed to complete challenge
  • Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge (Littles Goal:26) I’m a little behind in indexing The Littles reading challenge.
    # Needed to complete challenge: Undetermined at the moment
  • Audiobooks Challenge (Goal:50) I am really behind on this challenge, I’ve listened to 14 audiobooks this year.
    # Needed to complete challenge: 36
  • Beat The Backlist (Goal:35) : As of right now, I have read 31 backlist books!
    # Needed to complete challenge: 4!
  • Blogger Shame (Goal:15) I have read 0 towards this challenge and honestly I’m not sure if I am going to complete it. I may lower my goal to 6.
    # Needed to complete challenge 6
  • Debut Challenge (Goal:6) I have read 2 towards this challenge.
    # Needed to complete challenge: 4
  • Discussion Challenge (Goal:20) I’ve only posted about 2 discussions so far. I haven’t been in the mood to post some discussions but we’ll see. I think I may lower my goal on this one.
    # Needed to complete challenge 18
  • Ebooks Reading Challenge (Goal:50) I have read 30 ebooks this year.
    # Needed to complete challenge: 20.
  • Finishing The Series (Goal:9)I have caught up on 3 series so far this year.
    # Needed to complete challenge: 6
  • Graphic Novel & Manga Challenge (Goal:24) I have read 7 towards my goal.
    # Needed to complete challenge: 17
  • Kindle Unlimited (Personal Challenge) (Goal:24) I have read 8 towards my goal.
    # Needed to complete challenge: 16
  • #LetsReadIndie (Goal:51) I have read 21 books towards this goal.

    # Needed to complete challenge: 30

  • Library Love (Goal:50) The Littles and I have completed this challenge!
    # Needed to complete challenge 0! CHALLENGE COMPLETE!
  • #MyTBRList (Goal:12) I have read 2 books that you guys have voted for. I plan on catching up this month.

    # Needed to complete challenge 10

  • Netgalley & Edelweiss (Goal: 25) I’m really behind on this challenge.I’ve only read 5 towards this challenge.
    # Needed to complete challenge:20
  • Picture Book Reading Challenge (Goal: 104) Right now, goodreads shows that the Littles have read 35 towards this challenge but we haven’t marked all the books we’ve read this year.
    # Needed to complete challenge: Undetermined
  • Read It Again, Sam (Goal: 12) I’ve been doing pretty good on this challenge. I’ve read 9 books towards this challenge.
    # Needed to complete challenge: 3
  • Review Writing Challenge (Goal:52) I have a ton of reviews written in my notebook but have they made it to the blog? NO! I’m working on it guys, I promise.

    # Needed to complete challenge: 41

  • Spanish Reads (Personal Challenge) (Goal:6) I have read 0 towards this challenge.
    # Needed to complete challenge: 6
  • Strictly Print (Goal:152)This is a challenge that the Littles and I are doing together. I of course, haven’t checked out how many the kids have read in total but as of right now my shelf on goodreads shows we’ve read 32 books towards this challenge.

    # Needed to complete challenge:

My Goals for 2018:

My Blogging Goals

  • Write and Post 52 Reviews // I’ve posted about 11 reviews
  • Redesign the whole blog // I’ve had the graphics for a long time, I just haven’t found anyone to design it for me.
  • Comment Back In A Timely Manner // I’m epically failing on this front.
  • Blog Hop At Least Once A Week // I’m definitely trying to work on this.
  • Finish Indexing 2015 Reviews // I’ve indexed up until May 2015.
  • Finish Indexing 2016 Reviews // I haven’t even started this.
  • Update Pages Monthly // I’m working on this. I’m a little behind right now.
  • Cross Post Reviews Once a Month // I haven’t been doing this.

My Reading Goals

  • Read whatever I want, when I want.// I have been doing this and it has been awesome!
  • Read more of my own books (physical, ebook and audiobooks) // I’ve been doing this especially with my ebooks and I’m really loving it.
  • Use my kindle subscription (read at least 1-2 books a month) // I’m doing much better at this challenge.
  • Read all my #MyTBRList books and review // I’m behind on this but I plan to catch up now.
  • Read in Spanish more // I haven’t done this at all.
  • Read More my Netgalley & Edelweiss shelf // I’m failing at this so bad.
  • Keep my Netgalley percentage above 80% // I’m failing at this again.
  • Read all the Rainbow Book club BOTM & review them // We’ve been a bad book club but honestly that’s like our thing. I’m skipping some of the books.
  • Complete most of my reading challenges (at least 9 of them) // I’ve already completed one challenge.
  • Read more New Adult and Adult books // I’ve been reading more NA then anything.
  • My Writing Goals

    • Finish 1 Manuscript // Epic fail.
    • Outline 2 projects // I’m currently doing this for one project.
    • Work on Short Stories // I haven’t done this at all.
    • Share My Writing on The Blog // I haven’t done this at all.
    • Share (Create) a Twitter Thread for my WIP. // I haven’t done this either.
    • Complete Camp NanoWriMo in April // I didn’t even attempt this.
    • Complete Camp Nanowrimo in July // I am planning on doing this.
    • Complete NanoWriMo in November // I will do this.
    My 2018 Goodreads Challenge

    I set my goal to 1 and I count the Littles’ reading towards my goal. I once made them their own goodreads page but honestly I forgot to update it so much. I do plan on teaching Little 1 about goodreads so that he can keep track of his reading this coming school year.

    Personally, I’ve personally read 50 books this year.

    2018 Reading Challenge

    2018 Reading Challenge
    Tina ( As Told By Tina ) has
    completed her goal of reading
    1 books in

    And there you have it, an update on my 2018 challenges. I am definitely going to evaluate which goals I’m going to give up on because I do feel like I’ve gone overboard. How are you doing on your goals?

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