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Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018.

Today’s topic is bingeworthy shows.I love binge watching shows so I’m really excited to see what shows you binge watch.

Bingeworthy Shows I Love:

That 70s Show

Why This Is Bingeworthy: I love That 70s show! It is one of my favorite shows ever. I ignore season 8 because it totally ruined the show and we’re just going to pretend season 8 doesn’t exist. GOT IT.


Why This Is Bingeworthy: I’m actually binge watching this as we speak! I’ve watched about 80% of the show but not all of it. I’m really iffy about the reboot. I feel like some shows shouldn’t be touched but I am going to give it a chance. It may grow on me who knows.

This Is Us

Why This Is Bingeworthy: I’m not a huge fan of “deep” shows. I am more of a reality, criminal, comedy show type of girl. But This is Us is special. I love this show. If you like to watch a show that makes you cry, this is for you. I haven’t season 2 but I’m about to start binge watching it this week. SO DON’T SPOIL ME!


Why This Is Bingeworthy: Riverdale is a problematic show. At first, I didn’t catch the issues until Twitter as usual opens my eyes. I was mainly watching it because I’ve had a crush on Luke Perry (Archie’s Dad) since his 90210 days. I also think Jughead’s dad is gorgeous so yeah, I watch for Archie and Jughead’s dad.

Secret Life of An American Teenager

Why This Is Bingeworthy: I started to watch this show because I am a teenage mother, most of my friends are teenage mothers so I wanted a show that I could relate to. The problem? I really couldn’t relate to it but that didn’t stop me from watching. Amy was a terrible human being. TERRIBLE. The ending was TERRIBLE. But the show is still good in the teaches you the consequences of sex type of thing. Don’t watch the series finale because it’ll just piss you off. DON’T SAY I DIDN’T WARN YOU.

The Crown

Why This Is Bingeworthy: I’m not entirely sure how I stumbled upon The Crown on netflix but I did and I was hooked! I haven’t watched season 2 yet but season 1 was really good. I loved learning about the British monarchy.


Why This Is Bingeworthy: I love learning about the drug cartels. I know this isn’t everyone’s cup a tea but I love learning the history. Season 1 and Season 2 are about Pablo Escobar. It was pretty good but I felt like it ignored the female cartel leaders that paved the way for men like Pablo Escobar and I just didn’t like that. It’s mainly in Spanish and a lot of reviews on Netflix will complain about this but it takes place in Columbia where they speak Spanish! Anyway, season 3 is also good, you can see where I live because it starts exploring the cartels in Mexico and how things came to the US, I live on the border so it shows some of the areas where I live. Season 4 has been on hold I believe because of everything going on in Mexico at the moment.


Why This Is Bingeworthy: IF YOU AREN’T WATCHING VIDA, PLEASE FOR ME DO IT. Vida is the first show where I could see myself, my culture. My people. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen tons of Mexican novelas on TV but none really show the struggles of being Mexican American. I felt like Vida really captures that. They touch on being gay in the Mexican culture, they touch on Mexican witchcraft, they touch on being a “whitetina” (meaning you’re Latinx but you’re light enough that you can pass for white), not speaking Spanish and being Mexican American, and racism. It is really good. It is on Starz so there is nudity and I don’t recommend watching on show in front of kids. BUT IT IS GOOD. Season 2 just started filming and I’m so excited!


Why This Is Bingeworthy: Netflix saved Lucifer so they deserve so much. Lucifer is about the devil who went to L.A. because he was bored. It’s kind of a crime solving show mixed with religion but like shove it in your face religion. It is based of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman.

Top Chef

Why This Is Bingeworthy: I binge watched every single season of Top Chef. I love watching cooking shows. It inspires me to want to learn how to cook really good food but honestly, it just makes me want to eat.

So tell me, what are your bingeworthy shows?

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