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#MyTBRList is hosted by Michelle @ Because Reading.

Each month you will make a post with three books from your TBR List (these books can be already on your kindle or shelf or books you might want to purchase) and add your link on the linky that will be provided on my post. Your followers and the people on the linky will help you choose which book you will read next. The following Saturday you will announce the book that won. Then read the book and on the last Saturday of the month post a review.

Every month I do a theme for this meme and this month, I decided to do Netgalley ARCs I have but haven’t read it. Each one sounds really good so I’m wondering why I didn’t read them yet. I hope you help me decide! If the google form down below doesn’t work, just leave your votes in the comments!

My January Poll Nominees are:

Bartending at The Spot in Los Angeles was a temporary gig for starving artist Daisy. Whether that meant catching her big break or burning the place down, she was determined to color the world wıth her paintings. Arson seemed like the less likely of the two when she learned that a frequent patron, Mike, was an agent with top-shelf connections in the art world.

Steppıng out of her comfort zone, she agrees to meet with him at a concert. On the night of the concert, Daisy greets Mike with an unexpected surprise. He knew that she was bringing someone, but he never expected this. What was more surprising was the implications after the confusion was cleared.

With his ego crushed, Mike agrees with his friends an almost impossible wager to prove that he hasn’t lost his touch: take Daisy to bed in exchange for hefty penalties for each individual.

With aspirations of opening her first art gala with a bang, Daisy, unsuspecting of the bet, plays into Mike’s suave advances. She spends personal time with him, they become business partners, and she even meets his mother all in the name of career advancement.

But little do they both know that their ulterior motives will bring them closer together in ways they never anticipated. The consequences ultimately test Daisy’s integrity, relationships, and life as she searches for who she really is.

Old habits die hard. But in this sexy, heartwarming romance, a musician who’s addicted to the temptations of the road falls for a good girl who makes him want to clean up his act.

Mason Dell’s band, Pushing Limits, is a sensation, and he’s having a blast on their biggest tour yet. Then he gets a call from his best friend, who’s in the Navy, asking him to find out why his sister isn’t answering her phone. The dude once saved Mason’s life from a suicide attempt related to a gambling problem—so the two-and-a-half hour drive from L.A. to her small town is nothing.

What he finds is a sweet, successful boutique owner who’s too busy to notice when her phone dies. Nicole McCormick has nothing better to do than work. She’s bored of all the men she’s been dating: stable, career-oriented guys who are nothing like her destructive father. Mason’s is a breath of fresh bad-boy air. Their sexual connection is explosive, and with her shop undergoing renovations, Nicole even joins Pushing Limits on the road. But when Mason falls off the wagon, that’s one path she swore she’d never go down again.

While Nicole picks up her broken heart and heads home, Mason misses her like crazy. Although he wants to forge a future with her, he just doesn’t know how to leave the past behind. But for love, it’s time to learn.

Maverick Jansen and Kelsey Sullivan fall into a complicated game of PR strategy by day and searing passion by night where they both find a new meaning to fast and hard.

Days before the biggest game of playboy pitcher Maverick Jansen’s career, his brother is killed in a horrific car accident. Determined not to let his teammates down, Mav pushes through his grief only to lose control of his signature pitch—and the series.

Still dealing with the backlash of his once adoring fans, Maverick learns his team’s owner plans to move the ball club to small town America. During a night of hard drinking Mav rails against the move to “Hicksville” while a fan records the entire tirade. His career takes another hit when the video goes viral right before spring training.

Kelsey Sullivan, Media Consultant, is hired by the team’s owner and her childhood friend, Thomas Scott, to help restore Maverick’s image and find a way to get his mojo back. As the daughter of a former minor league ball player who walked away from her and her unstable mother, Kelsey breaks her main client rule—no male athletes—to help her friend and gain a coveted position with the ball club.

Persuaded to pretend they’re a couple against her better judgment, Kelsey and Maverick begin dating as a last ditch effort to secure his place on the team, fix his public image and prove to an unstable groupie who’s begun posting doctored photos on the internet that he’s taken.

In order to convince Kelsey what they have is more than just soul-shattering sex, Maverick digs deep, overcoming his commitment phobia and unexpected news to prove to Kelsey love can save them both. Can Kelsey bury her long-held belief that a bad boy baseball player isn’t the happily-ever-after type so they both can make the call of a lifetime.

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