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Last year, when I was blog hopping I came across Cristina’s Five On Friday post. She highlighted things she was obsessed with/interested in/ or currently doing. I personally loved the idea and I’ve been wanting to include more personal things here on the blog. So I decided to do my own spin on her post with Six on Saturday. Six is my lucky number, my favorite number, my birthday according to numerology adds up to six so I decided to do Six on Saturday. I’m going to try and do this every month.

Today, I’m going to share with you six things that I’ve been interested in for the month of January.


1. Shades Of Blue

I began watching Shades of Blue back in 2016. I was a little iffy about the show because I just didn’t feel like Jennifer Lopez could really deliver on a cop show. But SHE DELIVERED. She did absolutely amazing as Harley Santos. Shades of Blue is about a corrupt NYPD who accept bribes and protection money. Santos has to turn into a FBI informant in order to protect her crew.

I was hooked from the first episode, but I always forgot to set my DVR to catch up and eventually it just fell off my radar. It wasn’t until last year, I saw the show was going to end. That peeked my attention and saw Hulu had it to stream. The other day, I realized the show was about to expire on Hulu so I began marathoning. BOY WAS THIS A REALLY GOOD SHOW. I am so sad it is over. Jennifer Lopez was amazing in this show and I wished it had gotten a spin off or something.


2. Personal Growth Bundle Apps

If you’ve followed me before, you know that I was obsessed with bullet journaling. I loved it. No, I love it. But I don’t bullet journal anymore. I recently bought myself a recollections planner from Michael’s and I love it as well. I missed my habit tracker, mood tracker etc. but I didn’t want to buy a journal just to keep track of that. So I began searching on the Apple store and found a couple apps that were kind of what I was looking for. They do cost money, I believe the free trail only allows like 3 or less habits. So I wanted to see what other alternatives, turns out there is a growth bundle on apple store and you get a habit tracker, mood tracker, a tally tracker and to do list! It was like everything I was looking for.

Not to mention, I discovered the year in pixels app and journaling app so this makes it a little easier to balance out everything I was searching for. I still need to actually use the apps. I do good for a couple days then fall off the wagon.


3. A New Haircut

I’ve always had really long hair. It was down to my butt. Recently, I decided for a change so I cut about 6-8 inches and boy do I feel like lighter. My curls are coming back and my head doesn’t hurt as much nor is it falling out.


4. New Blog Design

I decided in my year of reinventing myself, I would also give my blog a make over. It took me a while to reach out to someone to help me out with the design but I was finally able to find someone and that person was Lucy! She did an amazing job, she was very affordable and my blog looks amazing!


5. Deep Cleaning

I didn’t watch that new show everyone was talking about on Netflix. I was just so tired of having so much junk around the house. So I decided on one of my weekends off, I was going to deep cleaning my house. I started doing my room and ended up throwing away about 4 bags of trash and about 4 bags of clothes to donate. I’m still no where near done. I’m working up the courage to finally clean my garage. That one is the one that scares me the most. There’s so much junk.


6. Surviving R.Kelly

My interest was peeked when I saw the preview of Surviving R.Kelly. I’ve always known R.Kelly was a bit of a creep especially after marrying Aaliyah. It was one of the reasons, I didn’t pay too much attention to his music. So I watched all six parts of the documentary and I was disgusted, angry and just disappointed. I’ve been watching other interviews and things on him. It’s been interesting to say the least.


What are six things you’re currently interested in/ listening to/ obsessed with?

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