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Welcome to The Chatroom! When I was younger, I use to spend hours in chatrooms and message boards on AOL. It is actually the place where I “met” some of my best friends through these chatrooms and I’ve been friends with them for over 10 years. When I was redesigning, I was trying to think of a cute thing to call my discussions and decided on the chatroom. So grab something to drink and lets talk about My Read Rating.

I once saw Lili from Utopia State Of Mind write a post about her Read Rating. And I’ve been meaning to do it. This was something I finally got around to doing after doing a massive deep cleaning of my room which included my shelf.

I personally only calculated only the books that I was keeping. I have two bags full of books that I no longer want so I didn’t include in my rating.

How to calculate your read rating:

Count all your books. This can be anyway you want. For instance, I have one bookshelf that is literally my TBR shelf. And all my favorite books (the ones I am keeping) are in my closet. So I counted both my shelf and the books in my closet. Like I mentioned earlier, I decided not to count the books I’m giving away. Nor did I count the books my kids have. Then you divide the total amount of books read by the total and that’s your read rating.

Why calculate my read rating?

For about the past two years, my spending habits on reading have changed. I’m no longer buying as much and this is something I plan on touching on later on. And I realized okay, my niece made me realize how many books I own versus how many I had actually read. She kept asking me how many books do I own, how many have I actually read, and sometimes the answers were easy. All the books in the closet are read and loved and the ones on the shelf aren’t read. Then I realized I filled up a whole bookshelf of books that are virtually unread! How did that even happen?

I’m not calculating my kindle books because lets face it that would probably in the negatives, I mean if that was possible I know it probably wouldn’t be negative but you know what I mean.

My Read Rating:

So my read rating as of January 2019 is 43%. I personally thought it was going to be a little worse. Maybe if I counted all the books I did give away that probably would have lowered it.

My Action Plan For Bringing Up My Read Rating:

My goal is check back in at the end of the year to see if I added more books to my shelf and how my read rating has either improved or gotten worse. I know many people have TBR Jars and I’ve thought about that but I’m also kind of lazy. (THIS IS NO SECRET) so what I’ve been doing at least for this month and I think I’m going to use the same system is having the little ones go to my shelf and pull 2 books out and make those my books of the month. I may include this on my monthly wrap up (not sure yet). I’ll also have one of the littles randomly pick a book on my kindle for me to read.

This will a) help me actually read the books I buy. b) also help me realize how many books I pushed to the side or completely forgot about. c) help me bring up my read rating. I wonder how this is going to work out for me. I’ll be checking in December to let you know how this experiment went for me.

Have you ever tried to calculate your read rating? If so, what was it? Any tips on bringing it up?

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