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Welcome To Previously On As Told By Tina. This is where I recap what I posted this month, what I read/watched/listened to and I share bits and snippets of my life behind the scenes. I’ll be linking up my monthly wrap to Feed Your Fiction Addiction.

What I Read:

The Best Of The Month:

I’m having the hardest time trying to put into words how amazing this book was. I’ve writing my thoughts but I just need to put them into an actual review.

#MyTBRList Winner

I started this one and so far I’m only 2 chapters in.

Previously On As Told By Tina:

2019 Reading Challenges

The Littles Reading:

Little 1 and Little 2 both signed up for the goodreads challenge. I made them their own accounts and I update them.

Little 1 is currently reading Captian Underpants. He read about 30 pages.

Little 2 is reading her guided reading books that the teacher sends. She read 4 books towards her challenge. I totally forgot to add one of the books she read.

They are participating in the:

  • Alphabet Soup Challenge – Little 2 completed the letters P, C and W.
  • Alphabet Soup Challenge (Author Edition) – Letters B, and T.
  • Picture Book Reading Challenge – they’ve read 0 towards the challenge.
  • Middle Grade Reading Challenge – they’ve read 0 towards the challenge.
  • Print Only – Little 1 completed 0 and Little 2 – read 4 towards the challenge.
  • Library Love – Little 1 & 2 read 0 towards this challenge.

Around The Blogosphere

What I Watched:

I’ve been marathoning Charmed. I’m currently in the middle of season 5.

I saw this was expiring on Hulu so I immediately started marathoning. THIS WAS SO GOOD. J.Lo did an amazing job and Harley Santos. I wish the series would’ve continued. I felt like it wasn’t over.

What I Listened To:

I started listening to Missing Alyssa on Spotify. I’m in the Martinis and Murder podcast group and someone recommended this podcast and it was really good.

Behind The Scenes of As Told By Tina

  • January seemed to be dragging. Did it not feel like it was going to take forever to end? I was in a really bad really slump for most of the month.
  • I finally redesigned my blog! I’ve been slowly changing everything to the new design. My new blog design was created by Lucy from That Book Gal.
  • Little 1 scored his first touchdown in his flag football league! His team is currently undefeated. They even played 8/9 year olds. (He’s in the 7 and younger division) and his team won 30-0.
  • Little 2 lost her two front teeth. She bit into an apple and both her bottom teeth started to come out. She weaseled everyone in our family out of $14 for her teeth.
  • Little 1 also lost a tooth. Little 3 actually was mad at him and punched him and knocked his tooth out. I think it was already loose.
  • My sister bought a puzzle and we spent most of New Year’s weekend doing it. She ended up finishing it and I don’t have final picture of it but now I want to buy more puzzles. Little 2 actually did the eyes herself.
  • I finally got my hair cut after about a year. I’m working on trying to fix my curls and get my hair healthy again.
  • My husband’s great aunt passed away from cancer, it was expected but I was still sad to hear of her passing.
  • I started decluttering the house and I got rid of so much things. The only thing I haven’t conquered yet was the garage.
  • Little 2 is being bullied in school. She’s only in Kinder :(. I have spoken to the teachers but I’m still worried.
  • Work has been a little stressful. I’m hoping things start to get better. At least it seems like it is.

My Monthly Goals

Personal Goals

    Clean out the hall closet.
    Shred all paperwork that needs shredding.
    Use my Growth Apps more
    Have a family game night.
    Finish Season 5/6 maybe 7 of Charmed.

Reading/Blogging Goals

    Change graphics from January – March of whatever year I started blogging.
    Comment back.
    Blog hop at least 2 times a week.
    Try to read more! (The reading slump was real in January)
    Update About Me page.
    Update Policy Page.

Writing Goals

    Start working on my Border Brujas project.

My Most Anticipated Reads Of The Month:

Quote Of The Month

How was your January? What did you read/watch/listen?

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