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Welcome To Previously On As Told By Tina. This is where I recap what I posted this month, what I read/watched/listened to and I share bits and snippets of my life behind the scenes. I’ll be linking up my monthly wrap to Feed Your Fiction Addiction.

What I Read:

The Best Of The Month:

Barely Missing Everything was my most anticipated release of 2019! And it lived up to my expectations. I really loved this.

#MyTBRList Winner

Previously On As Told By Tina:

2019 Reading Challenges

The Littles Reading:

Little 1 and Little 2 both signed up for the goodreads challenge. I made them their own accounts and I update them.

Little 1 is currently reading Captian Underpants. He read about 30 pages.

Little 2 is reading her guided reading books that the teacher sends. She read 4 books towards her challenge. I totally forgot to add one of the books she read.

They are participating in the:

  • Alphabet Soup Challenge – I forgot to add Little 2’s guided reading challenge books. I’m terrible.
  • Alphabet Soup Challenge (Author Edition) – Letters D,
  • Picture Book Reading Challenge – they’ve read 1 towards the challenge.
  • Middle Grade Reading Challenge – they’ve read 0 towards the challenge.
  • Print Only – Little 1 completed 0 and Little 2 – read 2 towards the challenge.
  • Library Love – Little 1 & 2 read 0 towards this challenge.

Around The Blogosphere

I actually didn’t do much blog hopping at all. I really want to work on this in March.

What I Watched:

I use the TVtime app and according to this I watched 56 episodes of TV shows for February.

Charmed seasons 5/6- I’ve been binge watching Charmed on and off for the past few months. In February, I watched most of season 5 and 6. I personally feel like now Charmed is dragging or maybe I binged too much. So I’m putting Charmed on hold for a while.
Abducted In Plain Sight – I watched this because the Martini’s and Murder facebook group said this was 50 shades of messed up. AND IT WAS. I was so angry.
The Hate U Give – I rented this from redbox and I loved it. I will probably post a reaction post on this but I’m still not sure. I cried a lot. It was amazing. Tupac would’ve loved this.
Carmen SanDiego – The kids and I started watching Carmen SanDiego and I loved it. I told my sister to start watching and she loved it.
The Breakfast Club – I have never seen this *hides*. So I saw it was being removed from Netflix so I started watching it and I loved it! WHY HADN’T SEEN THIS BEFORE.
The Voice – I always love watching The Voice auditions. I sometimes don’t keep up after that but we’ll see.
Proven Innocent – THIS ONE IS SO GOOD! There is only 3 episodes so far because the show just started. It’s about a girl who was wrongly accused of murder and she’s become a lawyer trying to get people like her out of jail. It is so good. It’s on hulu if you want to catch up.

What I Listened To:

I have a soft spot for Aaron Hernandez. I feel like a whole lot of people including himself failed him. I’ve been reading/listening to anything that involves him. Again, I found this podcast through Martinis and Murder. It was really good.

Behind The Scenes of As Told By Tina

  • Little 1’s flag football team won the championship. I ended up only being able to see the first game he played because my work schedule just didn’t work out with his game schedule.
  • Little 1 will now be playing baseball. Baseball practice is at 8 am in Saturdays. *cries*
  • Little 1 & 2 had parent teacher conferences. Little 1 is in the top 3 of his first grade class so the teacher has him and 2 other students reading harder books and challenging them so that way they don’t get bored. Little 2 is also a head in her class, she’s one of the only ones writing sentences in kinder.
  • I’ve been following a Mexican Small Business called soyasi. She makes handmade purses and I have quite a few in my collection. She hasn’t been making purses lately but she did recently and I was lucky enough to land another one in my collection.
  • We got new couches. There was a ton of drama with our old couches. My brother in law’s ex girlfriend and he bought them and he was suppose to pay for them but was always behind and it was a whole lot of drama. We gave her the couches back and bought our own wihtout my brother in law so that way we don’t have to deal with drama.
  • If you’ve followed me for a least the last year, you’d know that my husband has been in jail since last year. Well he was finally released on February 22nd. The kids and my niece and nephew were very excited to have him home. He’ll still work in Phoenix but we’ll be able to have him come home every other weekend.
  • The weather has been really crazy in Texas. One minute it was 70 degrees like say a Monday then by Thursday it was 40 and by Saturday it snowed. Mainly it snowed on the mountains and it made for a beautiful picture. The picture showed IS NOT MINE. It was this local photographer.
  • The kids had Dr. Seuss week. They had different themes all week, like wear a crazy hat, wacky outfit, crazy socks, a shirt you can read, and dress like thing 1 or 2. I loved the outfit I put together for Little 2. I thought it was cute. And it was like last minute but it worked.
  • My team lost in the Super Bowl. I was heartbroken. I still am.
  • The Littles had a book fair this last week of February so we took them to get some books. I also bought myself Game of Stars (Kiranmala and the Kingdom Beyond #2) by Sayantani DasGupta
  • My husband finally drove me to the eye doctor. I’ve been telling him for the past year I was going to go and never did. I finally got a new prescription and new glasses and sunglasses. I wanted sunglasses because I’m short and the visor in my car doesn’t help me block the sun. And for Little 1’s games. I don’t have them yet, I’m doing payments until my income tax return to get them.

Last Month’s Goals

Personal Goals

    Clean out the hall closet.
    Shred all paperwork that needs shredding.
    Use my Growth Apps more
    Have a family game night.
    Finish Season 5/6 maybe 7 of Charmed.

Reading/Blogging Goals

    Change graphics from January – March of whatever year I started blogging.
    Comment back.
    Blog hop at least 2 times a week.
    Try to read more! (The reading slump was real in January)
    Update About Me page.
    Update Policy Page.

Writing Goals

    Start working on my Border Brujas project.

This Month’s Goals

Personal Goals

  • Spring Cleaning
  • Get Haircut
  • Get Eyebrows done.
  • Finish Charmed
  • Clean Closets
  • Clean Dressers
  • Pay Little 1’s baseball fee
  • Wash Car.
  • Vacuum Car.
  • Start a skin care routine.
  • Start Curly Girl Method.
  • Practice Self Care.
  • Take out Spring Clothes/ Put winter clothes away.
  • Shred Papers from previous years.
  • Use growth apps.
  • Make Healthy Lunches all month for work.
  • Do yoga.
  • Meditate
  • Clean the hall closet.
  • Clean Fridge.
  • Pay Library Fine.
  • Buy Little 1’s baseball gear.

Reading/Blogging Goals

  • Write 5 Reviews
  • Read 6 books
  • About Me page
  • Mini About Me
  • Netgalley Profile update
  • Edelweiss Profile Update
  • Index the first year of blogging.
  • Comment Back
  • Spring Clean Goodreads Shelves.
  • Update policy.
  • Update pages.
  • Sidebar update.
  • Cross post reviews.
  • Use IG more.
  • Use Litsy.
  • New Bio Photos.
  • Finish scheduling For The Love Of Ebooks monthly link ups
  • .

  • Finish scheduling #LetsReadIndie monthly link ups.

Writing Goals
Start outlining my Border Brujas project.

My Most Anticipated Reads Of The Month:

Quote Of The Month

How was your February? What did you read/watch/listen?

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