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Welcome to The Chatroom! The Chatroom is where we discuss anything and everything! Today I decided to link up with Book Blogger Hop to answer this week’s question:

Have You Made The Switch From Print to E-Books? Is Either One Exclusive?

Personally for me, I have almost exclusively switched to EBooks and I’m going to share with you the reasons why I switched and the rare cases that I will still purchase a print book.

My Reasons For Loving EBooks:

  • EBooks tend to be cheaper than physical books. There are some very rare instances where an eBook is more expensive than a physical book and when this happens I will probably buy the physical book.
  • MORE SPACE. So I’m a mom of three and we are tight on space. I have one bookshelf and my closet. So I tend to not buy physical books. I tend to lean towards eBooks because they don’t take up space in my room.
  • The ability to take eBooks ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE. I personally love reading on my phone. (My iPad and kindle just stare at me in judgment). I love the ability that I can finish a book and automatically download another one and start it right away.
  • I also tend to read eBooks a lot faster than physical book. I have no idea why but I get so lost in the story while it is on my phone that I end up finishing it.
  • You can buy eBooks INSTANTLY! It automatically loads to your devices and you don’t have to worry about shipping costs. Some eBooks do have taxes on them but most of the time some don’t.
  • EBOOKS can be cheap! I’ve gotten so many eBooks for the price of FREE to $5.99. I personally have price limit that I will spend on an eBook.
  • If you pre-order an eBook you can get at midnight! For me, preorders download at 10 pm. And I don’t have to argue with FedEx, UPS, or the mailman losing my package.
  • Cover changes happen and as you’ve seen on twitter they can cause uproar. Well with an eBook it can sometimes automatically change to the cover so you don’t have to worry about constantly buying new books to match.
  • It is easier to stay up at night to read! You don’t need a flashlight to read, your e-reader/tablet is ALL YOU NEED.
  • It is easier to take notes and highlight. I personally don’t like writing in my books so it is easier for me to write in my eBooks.

The Case When I will be a Print Book:

  • I already started buying the series. So I am reading (but currently on break) from Abbi Glines Friday Night Lights series and I bought the physical book so I just continue to buy the print book.
  • When I love an eBook so much I tend to buy a print book just to have it.
  • If it is an author I already love and is a top favorite I won’t bother to buy an eBook, I’ll automatically buy a physical book of their book.
  • I tend to do a lot of thrift shopping especially when it comes to buying books. So I tend to find some really good deals on physical books so I enjoy being able to score books for $1.99. This is has really grown my collection.

Something I tend to:

So if I have a physical book but the library has the eBook, I’ll borrow the eBook and read that instead. NOW I HAVE NO IDEA WHY I DO THIS. But I do! I find that I read the eBooks so much quicker (like I mentioned before) when I read a physical book all I can think about is how many pages I have left. And I guess for me eBooks don’t really have page numbers (that’s how I personally have my settings) so out of sight out of mind.

What about you? Have you switched to exclusively reading eBooks? If not, do you like reading eBooks?

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