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Today’s Topic is: To Tour or Not to Tour? Do you participate in book tours? Why or why not?

To Book Tour Or Not To Book Tour?

I began book blogging back in 2015 and back then blog tours were very popular. There were a ton of blog tour companies, big publishers used them and everyone wanted to be on the tour.

Fast forward a couple years, and blog tours seemed to have lost their way. Many blog tour companies have shut down. And I honestly couldn’t tell you what tour companies are still around except for the one I personally work with from time to time. Blog tours are a lot of work not just on the bloggers behalf. The company running the tour has to create the tour, pick from sometimes hundreds of bloggers to be apart of the tour and then assign dates. AND HOPEFULLY HAVE EVERY SINGLE BLOG TOUR PARTICIPANT well participate. And sometimes a blog tour doesn’t necessarily mean a ton of reviews coming in. I have heard from several authors that a tour can have 20 participants and they may get MAYBE 5 reviews and that’s a lot.

When I began book blogging, I wanted to be apart of every tour. I sign up for a bunch of them, sometimes I would get picked and sometimes I wouldn’t. I would even sometimes end up double booking myself. That was not fun.

Now I don’t really join whatever blog tours are left. I mainly do blog tours for indie books because indie books are something I am passionate about. I love discovering new authors. Blog tours have helped me discover a ton of new authors and I am forever grateful for that. But I mainly avoid blog tours. Why?

  • I don’t like the add pressure of having to love the book. I’ve had to pull out of a tour (when allowed) because I didn’t like the book.
  • The deadlines. I AM THE WORST at keeping up with deadlines. I am a mom of three so sometimes I can’t remember A LOT so this just doesn’t work for me.
  • They honestly didn’t bring any traction to my blog (I personally don’t blog for stats but these tours hardly brought people to my blog).
  • The book will come eventually. This is something I have learned over my years of blogging is that the book WILL come out and it is okay to NOT have an ARC.
  • The hard work! So a blog tour participant has to create a post/review. You also have to promote on almost every single social media platform one has! THAT IS A LOT! AND FOR FREE TOO! And honestly if you follow my blog, you know I am flaky.

What am I doing now at days?

I do participate in a rare blog tour/cover reveal now at days. Mainly for authors that I have worked for before or authors that I am apart of their launch team. These are authors that I truly love and believe in and will absolutely promote their work. If I participate in a blog tour it is because I just really wanted to read the book and truly want to be apart of the tour.

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you know I am flaky. I hardly ever post reviews and I’m just not as present as I was in the blogging world. Me and blogging tours just don’t mix anymore.

What about you? Do you still participate in blog tours? Do you even notice blog tour posts?

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