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Welcome To Previously On As Told By Tina. This is where I recap what I posted this month, what I read/watched/listened to and I share bits and snippets of my life behind the scenes. I’ll be linking up my monthly wrap to Feed Your Fiction Addiction.

What I Read:

The Best Of The Month:

I couldn’t even post a real review for #MyTBRList because I just loved this book so much. I loved the audiobook so much, I honestly listened to it almost all in one day. I loved loved loved Daniel. I would recommend this one. It lives up to the hype.

#MyTBRList Winner

Previously On As Told By Tina:

2019 Reading Challenges

The Littles Reading:

Little 1 and Little 2 both signed up for the goodreads challenge. I made them their own accounts and I update them.

Little 1 hasn’t read much towards his goal. That is one thing we are working on this month. Little 2 read about 4 books for her goal. Some of them aren’t on goodreads so it was a bit tricky to track.

They are participating in the following challenges:
At this time, I need to work on updating their lists! You’ll see what they’ve accomplished in April.

  • Alphabet Soup Challenge
  • Alphabet Soup Challenge (Author Edition)
  • Picture Book Reading Challenge
  • Middle Grade Reading Challenge
  • Print Only
  • Library Love

What I Watched:

I started For The People when I saw the first season was expiring on Hulu and I really enjoyed it. I need to catch up on season 2.

My niece and I started The Fosters and it was good. I need to finish up the season.

I started watching The Voice again! And I’m rooting for a couple singers.

What I Listened To:

I LOVE HIS VOICE. I want to listen to all his music now and I love this cover of Post Malone’s I Fall Apart. I think I like it better than the original. (I’m not even watching American Idol).

Behind The Scenes of As Told By Tina

March flew by!

  • I finally got new glasses and sunglasses! It is actually amazing to be able to see again. Especially with sunglasses because I’m 4″11 and the visors never cover my face lol this has been amazing.
  • Little 1 & 2 also got new glasses. We have a terrible habit of misplacing glasses so we were able to buy them 2 pairs each so hopefully they don’t misplace them.
  • I registered Little 3 for Pre-K. *insert crying memes * All 3 of my babies will be in school once August starts.
  • The husband bought me an Apple Watch. I still don’t really understood it but it made me motivated to actually get to moving.
  • We spent Spring Break in Arizona which of course resulted in the Littles getting sick. Little 2 ended up with bronchitis. The other two just had colds.
  • Little 1 started baseball season. Baseball is expensive! He seems to be enjoying it. His football team both flag and tackle went undefeated and won the championship so he wasn’t use to losing. He’s been a little upset about it but now he seems to be okay about it.

Last Month’s Goals

Spring Cleaning | Get Haircut | Get Eyebrows done. | Finish Charmed | Clean Closets | Clean Dressers | Pay Little 1’s baseball fee | Wash Car. | Vacuum Car. |Start a skin care routine. | Start Curly Girl Method. | Practice Self Care.| Take out Spring Clothes| Put winter clothes away.| Shred Papers from previous years.| Use growth apps. | Make Healthy Lunches all month for work.| Do yoga.| Meditate | Clean the hall closet. | Clean Fridge.| Pay Library Fine. | Buy Little 1’s baseball gear. |

Reading/Blogging Goals
Write 5 Reviews| Read 6 books | About Me page| Mini About Me | Netgalley Profile update |Edelweiss Profile Update| Index the first year of blogging.| Comment Back| Spring Clean Goodreads Shelves.| Update policy.| Update pages.| Sidebar update.| Cross post reviews.| Use IG more.| Use Litsy.| New Bio Photos.| Finish scheduling For The Love Of Ebooks monthly link ups| Finish scheduling #LetsReadIndie monthly link ups.|

Writing Goals
Start outlining my Border Brujas project.

This Month’s Goals

Finish Spring Cleaning | Finish Personal Bullet journal |Finish Reading Bullet Journal
| Finish Charmed | Finish Seasons 1 & 2 of The Fosters | Have a game night every weekend. | Be outside more. | Drink More Water. | Be More Active. | Clean Car. | Vacuum Car. | Work On The Curly Girl Method. | Face Car Routine(better one). | Get A Haircut | Healthy Lunch for Work. | Clean Closet | Shred old papers. | Clean Hall Closet | Spring Clothes (kids) | Spring Clothes (mine) | Get rid of Purses | Get Rid of nail polish | 30 days of meditation. | 30 days of yoga. | Eyebrows done | Change purses. | Watch 4 movies. | Start the marvel marathon. | Bulletin Board. | Take kids to the library. | Clean up Mac & iPad. | Clean Fridge | Clean Freezers |

| Blog ahead (at least 6 posts) | Post On IG | Complete OWLS Readathon | Read Book Club Reads | Update About Me Page | Mini Sidebar | Goodreads About Me | Netgalley/ Edelweiss Update | Index first year blog posts | Update pages | Update policy | Comment back | New Bio Pictures | Finish Monthly Link Ups | Write 5 reviews | Spring Clean Twitter/IG |

| Sign Up For Camp NaNoWriMo | Complete Camp NaNoWriMo |

Quote Of The Month


No quote this month, but it is my birthday month! Happy birthday to all you wonderful April Babies!

How was your March? What did you read/watch/listen?

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