Six On Saturday | February/March Edition [2]

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Welcome to the February/March 2019 edition of Six On Saturday. Six On Saturday is where I highlight things I am currently using/ loving/ interested in / or obsessed with.

I totally forgot to post a Six On Saturday in February and in March. Time just passed me by so I decided to share with you the six things I’ve been obsessed with so far.

Six On Saturday: February/March 2019 Edition


1. Wireless Headphones

I’ve been on a mission to find wireless headphones that did not cost a leg and arm. I didn’t want to get beats because those are way out of my budget and I am notorious for losing things. However, I started looking for cheaper options and discovered some by Target’s brand heyday. These were also a bit out of my budget so one day I went to target and found these headphones at Target for $10!!! I was absolutely in love with the color, the battery life. It was honestly the best $10 I’ve ever spent. I am planning on buying the Littles their own set of wireless headphones because I’ve gotten them the other kinds of headphones and they break them. I feel like these maybe the better option.


2. My New Glasses/ Sunglasses

It had been over two years since I have gone to the eye doctor. I realized a couple months ago that I couldn’t see with my glasses and knew that I needed to go get my prescription updated. My husband had to take me because I honestly can’t bring myself to go to the doctor out of my own free will. I went to a place that had a buy one get one free deal and took advantage. I immediately fell in love with my sunglasses. I am a huge Audrey Hepburn and my sunglasses reminded me over her.


3. My Bullet Journal

I stopped bullet journaling in maybe August/ September. I was in a horrible depression and just had no desire to read, blog or bullet journal. I finally decided to get back to bullet journaling. I truly missed it. I didn’t do too well for my April set up but you’ll maybe see my May set up. Staying motivated has been really tough for me.


4. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Little 1 had been begging me to watch Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. He said he knew it was going to be amazing. When it was released on DVD, I went and bought it for him. We watched it that night and we all loved it. I am so glad we bought the DVD with a digital copy because we can take it wherever we go. The animation is truly amazing and I loved the movie so much.


5. My TBR Cart

I’ve seen a couple people on instagram posting about a TBR cart. I finally bought one. I also needed a night stand because I felt like my side of the bed was just messy. I haven’t completely filled it up yet but I am loving it. (My kids wrote on the wall in case you couldn’t tell).


6. Proven Innocent

I’m not sure how I stumbled upon Proven Innocent on Hulu. It is about a woman who was convicted for murdering her best friend. She stated she was innocent but no one believed her except one. She was later found innocent and is now working to prove others have also been wrongly convicted specifically by the lawyer who convicted her. It truly interesting and it also makes you wonder how many people are innocent sitting in jail right now.


So, tell me! What are six things you are currently love/listening to/ obsessed with?

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