Previously : On My Birthday Month (April 2019 Recap)

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Welcome To Previously On As Told By Tina. This is where I recap what I posted this month, what I read/watched/listened to and I share bits and snippets of my life behind the scenes. I’ll be linking up my monthly wrap to Feed Your Fiction Addiction.

This Month I Read:

Reading Stats For April
9 2 0

Borrowed: 5 Owned:1 Re-Reads:0 ARCs:4 Podcasts:1

The Best Of The Month:

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New To My Shelves

ARCs:6 Borrowed:7 Kindle Unlimited: 3 Purchased: 14

Previously On As Told By Tina:

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What I Watched:

  • Charmed – I am almost done with my marathon on Charmed. I took a little break from the series and now I’m about halfway down through the 7th season and then it’ll just be season 8. I think I might post my thoughts on my rewatch.
  • The Perfect Date – This one was a group watch in a facebook group I’m in. I enjoyed it. I thought the girl reminded me of Lydia from Bettlejuice.
  • Homecoming – My co-worker told me this one was really good so I started watching and it was pretty good.
  • Someone Great – I watched this mainly for a Selena scene because you know how much I love Selena. And it was really good.
  • Mule – The husband wanted to watch this one and it was really good.
  • Bumblebee – Little 1 wanted to watch this one and I really enjoyed it.

What I Listened To:

I started the Read Me Romance podcast. I’ve only listened to one book but I plan to listen and do mini reviews of the podcasts.

Behind The Scenes of As Told By Tina

  • April is the month that I turned 28! 28 didn’t start out all that great. For one, my car gave out the day before my birthday. My family made me a little dinner and the Littles smashed cake in my face.
  • My car has started to break up with me. The starter gave out the day before my birthday, then I got a ticket and then someone crashed me.
  • I finally cut my hair! I took off a couple inches and I decided to get bangs.
  • Little 1 had a field trip to the Triple A team in town. He didn’t want me to go because I’m not cool enough.
  • Little 2 had a field trip to the zoo. She was exhausted afterwards and fell asleep mid sentence.
  • For Easter, we bought the kids bikes because someone broke into my yard and stole their old bikes. Little 1 was having trouble because his bike no longer has training wheels. Now that the weather is nicer, I do want to get myself a bike so we can all go bike riding.
  • Little 1 scored his first run this month. He was really excited. His team is improving with every game. The season is almost over so we’ll be headed back to football.
  • I found this little food truck near my grandma’s that sell Mexican corn. And it was the best $5 I ever spent. The hot cheetos and takis one is THE BEST.
  • We also enjoyed the first game of the baseball season with our local team El Paso Chihuahuas. It was a lot of fun. I fell in love with their fries that have cheese, hot cheetos, jalapeños so I’m probably going to make some for myself soon.

Quote Of The Month


How was your April? What did you read/watch/listen?

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