This Week On: Broken AC & Migraines

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This Week On: is where I recap blog posts, things I’m watching/listening to. I’ll also be sharing bits and pieces of my life outside the blog. I’ll be linking up The Sunday Post hosted by Caffeinated Reviewer, Stacking The Shelves hosted by Tynga’s Reviews and Reading Reality, It’s Monday, What Are You Reading? hosted by Book Date and Book Blogger Hop by Billy @ Coffee Addicted Writer.

This Week I Read:

I participated in smutathon and I managed to read 3 books.


Little 1 borrowed the audiobook from the library and I borrowed the audiobook via axis 360 and we’re buddy reading this. I kind of want to turn this into a series on the blog but I don’t know what to call it and Little 1 is now almost taller than me so obviously he needs a new nickname.

Up Next On My TBR

This Week I Hauled.

I actually had a really great haul this week but I didn’t get any pictures so stay tune for them next week.

This Week On As Told By Tina:

Book Blogger Hop

Do you read books over 400 pages? What’s the oldest work (by publication date) you’ve read?

I’m answering two questions this week.

I don’t mind books over 400 pages long but I am sometimes intimidated by them. I sometimes feel like the book is going to take forever to read.

The oldest book I’ve ever read is probably Peter Pan. I absolutely love Peter Pan. I don’t think I ever say how much I love Peter Pan but I do. The original is pretty dark and nothing like the Disney movie.

This Week I Watched:

I am currently watching Death At The Mansion: Rebecca Zahau. It is only on episode 2 but I’m intrigued.

I’ve also started Songland where song writers pitch a song to John Legend, Will.I.Am. etc. it was actually pretty interesting show and I’m curious to see what comes out of it. I personally loved another song that John Legend didn’t pick but you should listen to it. It’s down below.

Song Of The Week:

Behind The Scenes Of As Told By Tina:

  • We hit the first 100 degrees of the summer. AND MY AIR CONDITIONER BROKE COMPLETELY. They had already told us that the air might break in a year or two. We were truly hoping it would be in a year but unfortunately it was sooner. IT IS HOT. I bought a few box fans and we have those and the ceiling fans on trying to cool down.
  • The Littles joined the Summer Reading Program at the library. I plan to take them to some of the activities the library has so they can enjoy it. I also saw that they have a book club and it is during the time I get off work so I’m going to try and make it. They’re reading Children of Blood and Bone and I’ve been wanting to read it.
  • My mom and I have been searching for activities or summer camps that the kids can join this summer. The downside is a lot of them are so expensive like $200 per kid and I have 3 so obviously that’s not going to work out.
  • Little 1’s baseball season came to end. They lost in the playoffs by 1 run. He was so upset he cried. It made me feel really bad but I told him there is always next year. We just finished registering for tackle football for the fall so we’ll be starting that at the end of the month.
  • Little 2 has decided to play soccer and she starts on Monday. I’m kind of nervous she isn’t going to like it but I am hoping she is.
  • Little 2 had her annual check up and I had them check her iron. She was severely anemic when she was little and it is something I am always checking. She’s in perfect health, thankfully.
  • I was hit with a migraine late Saturday. I had so many plans to read but that didn’t happen.

Quote Of The Week:

How was your week? What’s the weather like where you are? What did you read? Listen to?

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