This Week On: I just want to read again.

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This Week On: is where I recap blog posts, things I’m watching/listening to. I’ll also be sharing bits and pieces of my life outside the blog. I’ll be linking up The Sunday Post hosted by Caffeinated Reviewer, Stacking The Shelves hosted by Tynga’s Reviews and Reading Reality, It’s Monday, What Are You Reading? hosted by Book Date and Book Blogger Hop by Billy @ Coffee Addicted Writer.

This Week I Read:

Absolutely NOTHING.


I’m in the “I want to read, but I’m not really sure what to read.” I’ve started all these books and I’ve enjoyed them so far but I haven’t finished A SINGLE ONE! I am listening to Killing November while working on this post so I’m hoping to finally finish it.

Up Next On My TBR

At this point, I’ll just be grateful that I can read a book.

This Week I Hauled.

This Week On As Told By Tina:

Behind The Scenes Of As Told By Tina:

Things are kind of getting better. We got some wonderful news this week. We have been fighting to keep our house and we finally got word that the bank is willing to work with us. I feel like a huge burden has been lifted from my shoulders.

Little 1 has officially kicked out baseball and football practice. LET ME TELL YOU! I am going to be tired. He is going to be tired. He’ll have a football game in the morning and a baseball in the afternoon. Little 1 had a fundraiser for chocolates for his team, we underestimated our family’s sweet tooth and he sold one box to just one aunt and uncle (there was 30 chocolates). We ended up buying chocolates out of own pocket to get him to sell to the rest of the family, as of tonight he’s raised $120 for his team.

Little 2 is over school. She cried because first grade is boring and homework is boring.

Little 3 had a rough week in school, she came home crying twice. One of them, I understood, she tried running in front of a car to get to me and the teacher got mad at her. But the other time, I’m not sure. She’s mentioned a little boy whose mean to her so I plan on talking to the teacher to see what is going on.

We celebrated my niece’s 13th birthday. I met her when she was 5, now she’s taller than me and we share clothes lol. Plus she does my make up 99% of the time. Being her aunt is probably the biggest blessing.

The last of the victims of shooting were buried. I had every intention of going to Mr. Tony’s wife’s funeral. You can read his story here. But by 5:15, the doors were closed and over 400 people were waiting outside to see if they could get in. I was disappointed that I couldn’t go but it also warmed my heart that Mr. Tony wasn’t alone.

Quote Of The Week:

How was your week? What was the last show you watched? Movie you watched? Song you listened to?

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