This Week On: It has been ROUGH week.

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This Week I Read:

This ended up being a DNF for me. The writing was very choppy and I found myself rolling my eyes a whole lot and decided it wasn’t worth finishing. I ended up DNFing at 50%.


  • I’m buddy reading Nightbooks with Little 1. I’m really enjoying it and so is he.
  • I started Dear Jane, last night and I’m intrigued.
  • With The Fire On High is really good but again my mood is very blah so it is taking me a lot longer to read.
  • Killing November is one I also started last night and I’m so intrigued.

Up Next On My TBR

I don’t know what I’ll be reading next honestly, I’m just trying to finish the books I’m currently reading.

This Week I Hauled.

I haven’t been hauling anything lately.

This Week On As Told By Tina:

Behind The Scenes Of As Told By Tina:

I live in El Paso, Texas and I’m sure you’ve seen us all over the news. Last Saturday there was a mass shooting at a Wal-Mart (this is still so hard, so surreal, so unbelievable to write). One I’ve been too but not very often. I live on the west side of town, the shooting happened on the East Side. It has been a rough week. We’ve had a national spotlight on us and it has just been emotionally/mentally/ and physically draining. I work across the street from a Wax-Mart and I can’t even go in without being jumpy and watching my back. We now have cops at the entrance (we never did) and although it is comforting, it also reminds me that this is real. This happened.

My community has responded pretty awesome in a way.Within two hours of the shooting the place to donate blood had lines around the corner. People were waiting for up to 6 hours to donate, many were told to make an appointment to come back. Local businesses went out and donated food and water to those waiting to donate. We’ve fundraised for the victims. Businesses have made El Paso Strong shirts with all proceeds going to the families. Tattoo shops have offered free tattoos as long as you donate. My friends stood outside in 100 degree weather selling water for the victims and raised close to $1,000. My son’s football team also donated items to the first responders and to the families. It has been both amazing and sad.

The conversations I’ve had to have with my children because of this have been extremely difficult because we are Mexican American. It was something I didn’t want to talk to them about at such a young age but with the national spotlight on us, we had to. It devastated me to no end. It honestly made me cry.

The Littles started school on Monday. It was honestly really scary to send them after everything that happened but I didn’t want to live in fear (although I am but I’m doing my best to control it) so we took them. Little 1 is upset he has so much homework now and Little 2 says first grade is boring lol. Little 3 is loving Pre-K.

A young boy from El Paso has created the #ElPasoChallenge. Where you do 22 acts of kindness for each of the victims. I plan on having the Littles and I do it and many of my friends have started doing it. I hope it inspires you to do the same.

While things are slowly turning into our new normal, I am taking it day by day. I’m still wrapping my head around what happened to my city, my community and my people. I may disappear from time to time but I’m just trying to get into a new reality, one I never thought could happen to my city.

Quote Of The Week:

Tell me something good that’s happened to you! I could honestly use the smile!

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