2020 Bookish Resolutions

Bookish Resolutions is hosted by Michelle at BecauseReading. You can sign up here.

My Reading Goals

  • Complete my Goodreads Reading Goal of 92.
  • Finish 4 series I’ve started.
  • Read 9 physical books off my shelf.
  • Read all my #MyTBRList Books.
  • Read most of my book club reads
    • Pages and Prose
      Latinx Book Club
      Christina Lauren’s Book Club
      Amerie’s Book Club
  • Read more books I own (both physical/ ebooks).
  • Use my Kindle Unlimited Subscription more (at least 24 books)
  • Use my Scribd subscription more (at least 24 books)
  • Read my blog tour ARCs AHEAD of time.
  • Get my Netgalley % up (currently at 62% at time of posting).
  • Complete at least 6 of my reading challenges.

My Blogging Goals

  • Blog consistently at least 3 times a week.
  • Blog Hop at least once a week.
  • Promote my blog posts online more.
  • Post at least 12 discussion posts.
  • Update blog completely.
  • Update Goodreads.
  • Update Netgalley / Edelweiss.

My Writing Goals

  • Write for 30 minutes to 1 hour every day.
  • Finish The Nameless draft.
  • Finish The Border Brujas draft
  • Sign up for NanoWriMo
  • Complete NanoWriMo.
  • Outline a WIP

My Personal Goals

  • Drink more water.
  • Log my water intake consistently.
  • Keep my house nice and organize.
  • Declutter the house.
  • Get back into yoga.
  • Start meditating again.
  • Have family nights once a month.
  • Have date nights once a month.
  • Use my planner and phone planner more.
  • Get my hair healthy again.
  • Start journaling