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About Me

Hey there! Welcome to my little space on the Internet.


My name is Tina, if you haven’t guessed already. I am a twenty something year old stay at home mother of three who lives on the state line of New Mexico and Texas. I’m the girl who carries an extra large purse that typically holds some pampers, my iPad, a book and my bullet journal. You also may never see me without a Dr. Pepper in my hand.


My love for reading began with my mom. I always remember sitting on the couch lost within the pages of a book and I always wanted to know what was within those pages. When I finally learned how to read you would find me also on the couch lost within a pages of a book. The first books to really inspired me to read were From The Files of Madison Finn and The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes. I’ve been reading ever since.


When I’m not blogging or reading you can find me taking care of my littles. My littles are 5,3, and 2. We spend time reading and recently we started unofficially homeschooling. If my kids are playing or taking a nap, you’ll find me binge watching a show on Netflix, a reality show or watching basketball or football (both professional and collegiate). I recently began bullet journaling so you can find me planning out spreads in my bullet journal. You can also find me with headphones in listening to an audiobook while “adult” coloring.


Some of my favorites:

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Movie:  Grease, She’s All That, Atonement

Favorite Soundtrack: Atonement and Pride and Prejudice

Favorite Show:  That 70’s Show, Ghost Whisperer, Charmed, Narcos, and Secret Life of An American Teenager.

Favorite Food: Flautas and Chips and Salsa

Guilty Pleasure:  ALL The Love and Hip Hop Shows on VH1.


About As Told By Tina

As Told By Tina was originally named Tina The Bookworm and was hosted on blogger from 2014 to 2016 before moving to wordpress and self hosted.  I changed the name from Tina The Bookworm to As Told By Tina because I felt it was time to grow my blog not to only be about books but other bits and pieces of my life. The name As Told By Tina was inspired by the show As Told By Ginger.


The original concept of As Told By Tina was inspired by a coworker who would always ask me what books I was reading and which I wouldn’t recommend. I officially launched on January 1, 2015.  I’ve been blogging for about 6 years on and off and As Told By Tina has been the one blog I’m most passionate about.


You’ll see bits and pieces of my personal life, discussions, bullet journaling and reading. You will see a variety of books because I am a notorious mood reader and will never know what I’ll be in the mood for. You will see Young Adult (contemporary, romance, fantasy, dystopia, sci-fi etc.). You will see New Adult mainly contemporary romance. You will also see Adult mainly contemporary romance. Every Thursday I review children’s books with my little ones, which is called As Told By The Littles.


Thank you so much for stopping by my little space on the Internet. I look forward to connecting to you.


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