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August 2017 Bullet Journal Set..

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August 2017 Bullet Journal Set Up

My August 2017 Bullet Journal set up was something I was looking forward to doing and when I decided to do a color scheme I thought the primary colors would be amazing! And now 7 days into August, I absolutely hate it. But that’s the best part about bullet journaling, you learn as you go. While I may hate the color scheme, I’ve found these spreads to be actually pretty good. I’m looking to revamp completely in September so I’m really excited to show you that set up next month. […]

As Planned By Tina | Inside My..

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As Planned By Tina | Inside My New Bullet Journal

As Planned By Tina is my little space on the blog where I share with you one of my favorite things bullet journaling. This month, I finally moved into my new bullet journal. I also bought a Create 365 Happy Planner (its not going so well with this one) because the kids will begin school soon and I feel like a regular paper planner may help keep up with everything. I’ll post about this later on. Introducing my new Bullet journal! I ordered a pink leuchtturm1917 notebook but the first […]

As Planned By Tina | June 2017..

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As Planned By Tina | June 2017 Set Up

Welcome to another As Planned By Tina edition! Today I am sharing with you my June 2017 Bullet Journal set up. June will be my last month in this bullet journal and while I’m sad I’m at the end of this journal, I am so excited to start in a new one. I kept this very similar to my May set up but I just decided to do a bit of a summer theme. I followed almost the same set up for May only I made the Goals section a […]

As Planned By Tina | May Bulle..

As Planned By Tina | May Bullet Journal Set Up

Can you believe its May already? I feel like the year just started and now here we are in May. I don’t think I’ve shared my bullet journal set up and I thought it would be nice to show you guys some of the spreads I will be using in my red dotted leuchtturm1917 Medium size A5 hardcover. May Starter Page – Every month I have a starter page, for May I decided to do a Catrina or Sugar Skull. There was no particular reason for this, I just decided […]

As Planned By Tina | Confessio..

As Planned By Tina | Confessions of a bullet journalist

Hey everyone! I am slowly working my way out of my blogging/reading slump and today I have a different kind of post! I have wanted to start a bullet journal series for some time on the blog but just haven’t felt inspired but today I am. I’ve been bullet journaling for about a year now and I wanted to share with you some of the things that I have learned through my bullet journal journey. 1. You don’t need a fancy notebook to bullet journal – now if you have […]

As Planned By Tina | Plan With..

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As Planned By Tina | Plan With Me October

One of my favorite things about the bullet journal is how adaptable it is to your needs. You can always customize it to your needs and find the things that work for you. When I began planning October, I wanted to experiment more and really test out some new spreads and tweak the ones that I’ve been using for a while. I love to begin each month with it’s own starter page, for October I went with a Halloween theme. Let it be known that I am not a great […]

As Planned By Tina | What Is a..

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As Planned By Tina | What Is a Bullet Journal?

As Planned By Tina is a new series here on As Told By Tina, it is one that has been requested quite a bit but I just didn’t know how to start this off. Bullet Journaling is something I recently took an interest in and it has seriously changed my life. Now that I finished my first bullet journal, I feel like I can actually talk about bullet journaling. What Is a Bullet Journal? I’ve been asked this a couple times by people who don’t know what bullet journaling is. […]