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Blog Tour + Giveaway | Once Up..

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Blog Tour + Giveaway | Once Upon a Cowboy by Maggie McGinnis,

Once Upon a Cowboy Author: Maggie McGinnis, Genre: Contemporary Romance Format: eARC Source: Netgalley Rating: &#9733 &#9733 &#9733 &#189 Buy: | AMAZON | B&N | iBOOKS | KOBO | PUBLISHER | Goodreads: In this sexy Whisper Creek romance for readers of Kristan Higgins, Susan Mallery, and Molly O’Keefe, a red-hot cowboy uses some Montana magic to give a reclusive beauty her happily ever after. Yoga instructor Jessalyn Alcott radiates peace, calm, and serenity—on the outside. Inside, she still feels like the broken, desperate girl from the trailer park. She’s got dark secrets she can’t share, which is why she never lets her relationships go beyond the third date. But when she travels to the Whisper Creek dude ranch for a friend’s wedding, Jess is enchanted by a cowboy whose deep blue eyes, dimpled smile, and rock-hard body make it tough to remember why she keeps running scared. Cole Driscoll has […]


Blog Tour + Giveaway | Right N..

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Blog Tour + Giveaway | Right Next Door by AJ Pryor

Right Next Door Author: A.J. Pryor Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance, Format: eARC Source: Inkslinger PR Rating: &#9733 &#9733 &#9733 &#189 Buy: | AMAZON | B&N | iBOOKS | KOBO | Goodreads: My fiancé is officially a married man. The only problem is that he isn’t married to me. . . Addison Peacock has been stuck in the same seaside town her entire life. When her college boyfriend proposes the night before graduation, she can finally see the future she’d always dreamt about. But the sudden illness of her father causes her to put that future on hold, and her soon-to-be husband leaves, with nothing but a promise that one day he’ll return. Now, five years later, he’s kept that promise. There’s only one problem . . . he’s already married. Crushed twice by the same man, Addison needs a distraction, someone to get her back on her feet and […]


Blog Tour + Giveaway | Incendi..

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Blog Tour + Giveaway | Incendiary by Kathryn Kelly

Incendiary Author: Kathryn Kelly Genre: Contemporary Romance Format: eARC Source: Inkslinger PR Rating: &#9733 &#9733 &#9733 Buy: | AMAZON | AMAZON CA | AMAZON UK | AMAZON AU | AMAZON DE | AMAZON ES | AMAZON FR | AMAZON IT | Goodreads: Georgie has destroyed me. She’s threatened my freedom and everything I’ve worked so hard to build. My band, my music, is the last thing on my mind. I want her to pay for all she’s done. But she’s still my Georgie, and my desire for her is as hot as ever. She’s my inferno, my biggest mistake and my greatest reward. My fans see her as their idol’s downfall. When her life is threatened, I will come to realize there’s nothing in the world more important to me than her. She’s my flame. I’m her anchor. Together, we’re explosive. We are incendiary. For mature audiences only. Incendiary is […]


Blog Tour + Giveaway | Dash by..

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Blog Tour + Giveaway | Dash by Shantel Tessier

Title: Dash (The Novel) Author: Shantel Tessier Genre: Sports Romance Release Date: June 30, 2015 I’ve never been one to follow the rules…or the law, for that matter. But when you find yourself behind bars and being offered the opportunity of a lifetime, you take it. I agreed to race motorcycles for Johnny Knight. A very powerful man who wanted me on his team, even knowing I was a liability. But will he still feel that way once he finds out that I had a one-night stand with his daughter? I didn’t mean for it to happen. I didn’t even know who she was until she walked into his office wearing my shirt from the night before. Too bad that was all she wanted—one night. It didn’t really matter who she was, I wanted more. So when she ran, I followed. I should have let her go. That would have been […]


Blog Tour + Giveaway | Last Fi..

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Blog Tour + Giveaway | Last First Kiss by Lia Riley

Last First Kiss Author: Lia Riley Genre: Contemporary Romance Format: eARC Source: Edelweiss Rating:&#9733 &#9733 &#9733 &#189 Buy: | Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo | Goodreads: New to Avon author Lia Riley makes a splash with her first sexy, hilarious book in the sizzling Brightwater series! A kiss is just the beginning… Pinterest Perfect. Or so Annie Carson’s life appears on her popular blog. Reality is… messier. Especially when it lands her back in one-cow town, Brightwater, California, and back in the path of the gorgeous six-foot-four reason she left. Sawyer Kane may fill out those wranglers, but she won’t be distracted from her task. Annie just needs the summer to spruce up and sell her family’s farm so she and her young son can start a new life in the big city. Simple, easy, perfect. Sawyer has always regretted letting the first girl he loved slip away. […]


Blog Tour | Full Circle Series..

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Blog Tour | Full Circle Series by Casey Peeler

Welcome to my tour stop for the Full Circle Series by Casey Peeler. I’m going to do this review a little different because it is a full series review. I figured an individual book review of each book would mean spoilers for those of you haven’t read it therefore I’m doing this a little different. I hope you enjoy! Book Order & Rating (Individual): Losing Charley (Full Circle #1) Rating: &#9733 &#9733 &#9733 &#189 | Goodreads | Finding Charley (Full Circle #2) Rating: &#9733 &#9733 &#9733 &#189 | Goodreads | Saving Charley (Full Circle #3) Rating: &#9733 &#9733 &#9733 &#9733 |Goodreads | Series Overall Rating: &#9733 &#9733 &#9733 &#9733 Series Review I received a copy in exchange for a honest review, this does not influence my opinion in any shape or form. What I liked about the series: I’ve read Southern Perfection and Crashing Tides by Casey and loved them […]


Blog Tour + Giveaway | Side by..

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Blog Tour + Giveaway | Side by Side by: Wendy Louise

Side by Side Author: Wendy Louise Genre: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Format: eARC Source: Inkslinger PR Rating: &#9733 &#9733 &#9733 &#9733 Buy: iBooks Au | iBooks US | Amazon AU | Amazon US | KOBO | B&N | Goodreads: What would you do if your childhood best friend, your soul mate, and the one person that means more than anyone else in the world was suddenly in front of you after disappearing from your life ten years ago? Would you risk your stable life, to allow them back in to your heart, even after they had left you without any explanation? Katy Lou Reynolds needs to make a choice. She can either ignore the fact that Elijah Trent is standing in the middle of the cage about to fight, or she can face him and demand answers as to why he left her. Is it worth risking her heart for […]


Blog Tour + Giveaway: A Saint&..

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Blog Tour + Giveaway: A Saint’s Salvation by Beverly Ovalles

A Saint’s Salvation Author: Beverly Ovalle Genre: Contemporary, Military Romance, Format: eARC Source: My Family’s Heart Tours Publication Date: February 10, 2014 Pages: 61 Buy Links: Kindle US | Kindle CA | Kindle UK | Nook | Smashwords | Kobo | Secret Cravings Publishing | Bookstrand | Allromance | Shelfari | Rating: &#9733 &#9733 &#9733 Corporal Nicholas ‘Saint’ Santiago needs to go home to reclaim the man he used to be. To be the man he was before Operation Enduring Freedom slowly hardened his heart. He needs to reconnect to the values and the reasons he is doing what he does. Saint also needs to try to forget the courageous woman he knows was meant to be his. Petty Officer Angelina Jones’ life changed the moment Saint saved her life. She survived the blast but now has to deal with the fact that she will never be whole. Knowing Saint […]


Blog Tour | After the Fall by ..

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Blog Tour | After the Fall by Abby Cavenaugh Review + giveaway

After the Fall Author: Abby Cavenaugh Genre: Contemporary Romance, Chick-lit, Format:eARC Source: Publisher Rating:&#9733 &#9733 &#9733 &#9733 Purchase: Amazon High-profile divorce? Check.   Time away to heal? Check. Six months.   Distance from her celebrity ex Michael Day? Almost.   After ending the relationship that defined her, Tina is desperate to get her life back. But, a sexy bartender who happens to be ten years her junior might not be the best way to do that.   Shaking off the pain of the past, Tina decides the old rules no longer apply. For the first time in a very long time, Tina is free to do what she wants with whomever she wants. And Tina wants Josh.   Tina’s first fling after her divorce has the potential to be something more, if only Josh wasn’t a struggling musician.   She watched Michael’s career soar beyond his wildest dreams, only to […]