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Six On Saturday | February/Mar..

Posted April 20, 2019 by Tina in Memes, Six On Saturday / 2 Comments
Six On Saturday | February/March Edition [2]

Welcome to the February/March 2019 edition of Six On Saturday. Six On Saturday is where I highlight things I am currently using/ loving/ interested in / or obsessed with. I totally forgot to post a Six On Saturday in February and in March. Time just passed me by so I decided to share with you the six things I’ve been obsessed with so far. Six On Saturday: February/March 2019 Edition 1. Wireless Headphones I’ve been on a mission to find wireless headphones that did not cost a leg and arm. […]


Six On Saturday | January Edit..

Posted January 19, 2019 by Tina in Memes, Six On Saturday / 1 Comment
Six On Saturday | January Edition [1]

Last year, when I was blog hopping I came across Cristina’s Five On Friday post. She highlighted things she was obsessed with/interested in/ or currently doing. I personally loved the idea and I’ve been wanting to include more personal things here on the blog. So I decided to do my own spin on her post with Six on Saturday. Six is my lucky number, my favorite number, my birthday according to numerology adds up to six so I decided to do Six on Saturday. I’m going to try and do […]