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ARC Review | La Frontera by Al..

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ARC Review | La Frontera by Alfredo Alva

La Frontera is a bilingual children’s book. The story follows Alfredo during the 1980s where he and his father cross illegally into the US. The story is told through Alfredo’s eyes that bring an innocence and naivetés to the story that I personally really appreciated. I appreciated how the story began with why Alfredo and his dad decided to immigrate to the US and it explained the process. The process was anything but easy, they gave money to coyotes and they traveled a rough road along the Rio Grande. It […]

Blog Tour + Giveaway | Ways To..

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Blog Tour + Giveaway | Ways To Go by Katrina Marie

Ways To Go is the third book in the Taking Chances series; you don’t have to read the previous books (Welcome To Your Life and Cruel and Beautiful World) to read Ways To Go. Ways To Go follows Jake, a character that we met and disliked in Welcome To Your Life. I’m not afraid to admit that I was terrified of reading Ways To Go because I didn’t like Jake very much in Welcome To Your Life and I didn’t think he could truly turn himself around. But let me […]

Did Say You’ll Remember ..

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Did Say You’ll Remember Me by Katie McGarry live up to the hype? (Audio Review)

Trigger Warning: Domestic Violence, Emotional and Psychological Abuse, Sexual Assault, Gun Violence Say You’ll Remember Me was one of my most anticipated releases of 2018. I had extremely high expectations because the cover was gorgeous and the synopsis sounded like something right up my alley. I was so eager to read Say You’ll Remember Me that I put the audiobook and the eBook on hold at the library in hopes that one of them would be ready for me to read. The audiobook was actually the first one available and […]

Review: Fluffy: A Child’..

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Review: Fluffy: A Child’s First Pet Experience by Selena Cintron

Fluffy is a picture book geared towards teaching kids about their first experience owning a pet. I loved the concept of Fluffy because my kids have been talking about wanting a pet and I felt like this book really taught them why I’m hesitant to bring a pet into our household. Fluffy teaches young readers about the responsibility of owning a pet. The book shows how one must walk and bathe a dog, teach it tricks and the full responsibility of owning a pet. Fluffy also sparked a conversation of […]

Blog Tour | Fireball by Nazar..

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Blog Tour | Fireball by  Nazarea Andrews

Trigger Warning: Rape, Sexual assault, some violence, child molestation and stalking. Fireball is the first book in Nazarea’s new series River Street Bar. Fireball takes place in a small town where everyone has been around each other their entire life. Everyone knows everything and yet Taite and Dempsey still try to keep their attraction for each other a secret. A very bad secret at that. Taite is the police chief’s daughter and now she is also a cop. But she doesn’t really get the respect she wants because no one […]

Bookstagram Challenge | #LuckO..

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Bookstagram Challenge | #LuckOfTheBookish

One of my goals for the year was to work on my bookstagram account, I decided to revamp my entire account and start hosting bookstagram challenges. For March I’ll be hosting #LuckOfTheBookish! Feel free to join me all you have to do is take a picture that’s related to the prompt and be sure to use the hashtag #LuckofTheBookish! #LuckOfTheBookish Prompts 1. March TBR – Show me what’s on your TBR. 2. Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss – Favorite Childhood Book – It’s Dr. Seuss Birthday and I want to see […]

#MyTBRList Review | Butterfly ..

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#MyTBRList Review | Butterfly (A Public Enemy Standalone) by Cambria Hebert

Note: At this moment I haven’t finished the book, I’m about 61% in and so far I’m not loving it. Don’t get me wrong the story is good but I’m just not connecting with it. I’m hoping the last pages of the book pick up the story for me because as of right now this is looking like a possible 3 star read for me.

#ReadYourWorld | Nina: Jazz Le..

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#ReadYourWorld | Nina: Jazz Legend and Civil-Rights Activist Nina Simone By: Alice Brière-Haquet

Our Review Nina: Jazz Legend and Civil-Rights Activist Nina Simone is honestly the most beautiful book I own and had the privilege of holding in my hand. The moment I opened my package from MCBD I was in absolute aw. The book is simply beautiful. I personally excited to learn and read about Nina Simone. I had recently seen that was nominated into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Something many had said was an honor that should’ve been given a long long time ago. I was excited to […]

#ReadYourWorld | Sporty Lou &#..

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#ReadYourWorld | Sporty Lou – Picture Book: Soccer King (Multicultural Book Series for Kids 3-To-6-Years Old) by Quentin Holmes

Sporty Lou could not have landed in our hands at a better time. You see Little 1 is a firm believer that he has to be natural at everything on the first try. The first time he played basketball and didn’t make a basket, he wanted to quit (and then repeat this cycle with every sport he played so far). So to say that we really needed a book like Sporty Lou in our hands is an understatement. Sporty Lou is about a little boy who is going to play […]

#ReadYourWorld | Johnny Skip 2..

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#ReadYourWorld | Johnny Skip 2: The Amazing Adventures of Johnny Skip 2 in Australia (multicultural book series for kids 3-to-6-years old) by Quentin Holmes

Johnny Skip 2 was a book that the Littles and I both enjoyed. Little 3 especially enjoyed it because it had a puppy and she’s obsessed with puppies. Johnny Skip 2 is about a boy named Johnny (obviously) who can skip to different places. In this book he skips to Australia and is off on adventure. It teaches a bit about Australia such as Kangaroos and Aussie phrases. It has a very Dora The Explorer vibe but in book form and I think that’s what attracted the Littles to this […]