Expedited Reviews

If you would prefer to have your book read and review as soon as possible. I am offering expedite reviews, meaning I will read and review your novel within a two-week period. I will also tweet, Instagram, Facebook, Litsy, and update goodreads frequently to bring traction to your book. I will be charging $20US per book.


Please keep in mind that if your book is longer than 400 pages, I will charge $2.50 extra if your book is between 400-550 pages anything more than that will be charged $5 extra.


I am offering this on a first come first serve basis. If this is something that interests you please note that a deposit of $5 is needed to secure your spot.


Please keep in mind that I always review honestly and just because this is a paid review it does not guarantee you a five star review. I will review it based on how much I like it.


All payments will be settled through PayPal before I begin reading your book.


If I cannot bring myself to finish your novel, I will contact you and will discuss how to proceed. I will refund your deposit.


Thank you and contact me if this is something you are interested in.