Discussion | Do you review EVE..

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Discussion | Do you review EVERY book you read?

It is no secret that I haven’t been writing reviews lately. Honestly for a book blog, I’m kinda shitty. I hardly write reviews anymore. In fact, if you find a review on here lately we should call it a miracle. I’ve been thinking about working on my review style but the most important question on my mind is: Do I NEED to review EVERY book I read? Most importantly: Do I WANT to review EVERY book I read? The answer to both is no. Now hear me out. 1. Sometimes […]

Audio Review | We’re Goi..

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Audio Review | We’re Going to Need More Wine: Stories by Gabrielle Union

We’re Going To Need More Wine: Stories by Gabrielle Union was my first read for 2018 and I absolutely loved it. I have no idea how to properly review this so here’s a list of things I liked and what I didn’t like. What I liked: I loved how personal the narration felt. Gabrielle is the narrator and I felt like one of her friends whom she was having a conversation with. This made me that more invested in her stories. I loved how opened she was. She wasn’t afraid […]

Tina vs. The Goodreads Challen..

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Tina vs. The Goodreads Challenge 2.0

Last year, I decided not to participate in the Goodreads challenge (you can read the post here), I didn’t want to aim for a number so I set my goal to one and today I’m going to share with you what I learned about not doing the challenge and how much did I read. In 2017, I read 97 books. I didn’t count the books I beta read because some hadn’t come yet but if we had counted those I’m at 100. 1. If I didn’t pick up a book, […]

Top Ten Tuesday | My Top 18 Bo..

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Top Ten Tuesday | My Top 18 Books To Read In 2018

Top Ten Tuesday is one of my favorite memes. This week the topic is the Top Ten Books I meant to get to in 2017 but didn’t get to but totally will in 2018. Well, I couldn’t narrow it down to just 10 books so I’m doing my top 18 and I’m also throwing a poll at the bottom so ya’ll can tell me which one to pick up first. My Top 18 Books to Read In 2018 Side Note: These are in no particular order in the picture or […]

#LetsReadIndie Spotlights + a ..

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#LetsReadIndie Spotlights + a Newsletter

#LetsReadIndie was created not only as a reading challenge but to also help introduce other readers to indie authors. Indie authors need reviews in order for the book to get visibility on Amazon. My goal for #LetsReadIndie is to spotlight a different author every Saturday from different genres. I want you to be able to discover a new author and perhaps your new favorite book. Now you maybe wondering where this is going and I’m getting there…I need authors to spotlight. I don’t care if you only have one book […]

The Weekly Recap | Happy New Y..

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The Weekly Recap | Happy New Year

Welcome to my Weekly Recap! My Weekly recap is where I recap books I read (or currently reading), what the Littles read and are currently reading, books I bought or borrowed. I’ll also recap posts I’ve written this week. I’ll be linking up to The Caffeinated Reader for The Sunday Post and Tygna’s Reviews for Stacking The Shelves. Happy New Year! I’m sending you tons of good vibes and positive thoughts for 2018. 2017 wasn’t the best year for me so I’m truly hoping that 2018 is much better. But […]

#MyTBRList | January 2018 Poll

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#MyTBRList | January 2018 Poll

#MyTBRList is hosted by Michelle @ Because Reading. #MyTBRList is a monthly meme where on the first Saturday of the month, I choose 3 books that have been on my TBR for a while with a poll and you my lovely readers pick which one of the books I should read. The winner is announced the following Saturday and the review goes up on the last Saturday of the month. For my January 2018 poll, I decided to do the theme of new to me authors. January 2018 Nominees Are: […]

#BingeWatchersClub | January T..

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#BingeWatchersClub | January TBW & Catching Up

#BingeWatchersClub is hosted by Michelle @ Because Reading and Books Movies Reviews Oh My! Here is what the #BingeWatchersClub is: Do you spend hours in front of the TV, maybe days? Did you ever want to chat with other Binge Watchers or ask people for suggestions or maybe just review the season you watched. Books, Movies, Reviews, Oh My! and Because Reading had the perfect idea, why not get all of us binge watchers together? BUT, we want this to be unique so there is no template, no set way […]

The New Year’s Book Tag

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The New Year’s Book Tag

I’ve been wanting to do more tags on the blog and I came across The New Year’s Tag. You can find the original video here on Heather’s Channel: here. Questions: –The New Year’s Book Tag Questions– 1. How many books are you planning to read in 2018? I don’t have a goal in mind. I just want to read as much as I can when I can and not feel pressured to read a certain number of books. 2. Name 5 books that you didn’t get to this year but […]

My 2018 Reading Challenge Sign..

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My 2018 Reading Challenge Sign Ups

Today I’m sharing with you all my 2018 reading challenges sign ups. After making my reading/blogging bullet journal I realized I signed up for a lot of challenges. I’m feeling a little bit of pressure but my main goal is to accomplish at least 8 of these challenges. The Littles and I are both doing this challenge. Last year, I completed 24 of the letters, the year before I completed 23 letters so this year my goal is to actually complete the whole alphabet. (If you have suggestions for X […]