Hello April!!

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Hello April!!

April is my favorite month..okay maybe September and May are too because my kids were born in those months but whatever April is my favorite month ever. It’s my birthday month! I’ve been trying to come up with ideas to celebrate my birthday on my blog I’m not sure what to do yet. I am also excited because When I’m Gone by Abbi Glines will be releasing two days before my birthday! I love my Rosemary beach boys and I absolutely cannot wait to read his story. I finally got […]

March Bookish Wrap up!

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March Bookish Wrap up!

It’s that time again for another monthly wrap up! I feel like I just finished posting my February Wrap up and now here I am wrapping up March! I had another good reading month knocking out a total of 15 books this month and received a sneak peek of the first few chapters of Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen. I’ve actually done a pretty decent job of posting all my reviews for the month, there is a couple missing that I need to type up and post.  Books I loved:  […]

Review: You Are Mine Janeal Fa..

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Review: You Are Mine Janeal Falor

I will be honest; I had to start this book maybe three times to finally get into it. When I was finally able to completely dive into it I just could not put it down. Our story When we first meet Serena (our main character) she is just 17 and is about to be tested to know just how much magic is running through her veins. The more magic running through her veins the better the offer of marriage will be and the more money will be offered to her […]

Review: Distance by Andrea Hel..

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Review: Distance by Andrea Heltsley

Distance is a light quick read. I ended up finishing it within a couple hours. You could find me laughing or smiling at my kindle because the situations that Lexi (our main character) founds herself in are embarrassing but they are hilarious. When we first meet Lexi she is waiting for her boyfriend after her high school graduation but he is nowhere to be found. She goes to use the farthest restroom so she can avoid the crowd and what does she find in one of the stalls? Her boyfriend […]

Review: Stupid Boy by Cindy Mi..

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Review: Stupid Boy by Cindy Miles

Stupid Boy by Cindy Miles  Genre: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary Format: Kindle Source: Netgalley Rating: 3.5/5 * I received a copy of Stupid Boy in exchange for my honest opinion.*  Synopsis:  Brax Jenkins and Olivia Beaumont are the most envied couple at Winston University—but the so-called “virginity dare,” orchestrated by Brax’s old fraternity, almost tore them apart. Now, a new dare is taking shape, and it’s sure to set emotions ablaze–more than ever before. Winston’s “It Girl” Harper Belle isn’t just president of the Deltas–she’s also a master at keeping […]

Tiny Bookworm Thursday (1)

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Tiny Bookworm Thursday (1)

When I first started my blog I had intended to showcase everything I was reading at the time, then my son Cristian whose about to be 4 started showing an interest in reading. I would always read to him but he would just ignore me and now he finally sits through stories. So after his sparked interest I decided I wanted to dedicated some of my blog to my reading adventures with my little ones.  My mom use to read to me all the time when I was little and […]

Review: Stupid Girl by Cindy M..

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Review: Stupid Girl by Cindy Miles

Have you ever seen She’s all that? It’s like an old 90s movie with Paul Walker and Freddie Prince Jr. well anyway it’s about a bet to turn the geekiest girl in school into prom queen only Freddie Prince Jr. ends up falling for the girl. Well I found Stupid Girl to be almost the same except we are now in college and the bet is a lot different. Olivia is a college freshman trying desperately to get away from her small town. The summer before senior year her boyfriend […]

Review: Half Dead and Fully Br..

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Review: Half Dead and Fully Broken by Kevin Craig

I received a copy of Half Dead and Fully Broken from Netgalley in exchange for my honest opinion. This does not influence my opinion in any shape or form. The beginning of this book is so strong. I was immediately sucked into it. I believe in ghosts, spirits, the whole unfinished business thing, the whole waking up at 3 in the morning is the mocking hour (okay maybe I’ve seen too many exorcists movies) but anyway I totally believe in this whole concept. I was anxious to see just what […]

Review: Southern Perfection by..

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Review: Southern Perfection by Casey Peeler

*I received a copy through Netgalley in exchange for honest review* Just by looking at the cover, I thought this book was going to be about a Southern Romance. I mean there is a guy and a girl on the cover and the title is Southern Perfection. Boy, was I wrong. Our Characters: Raegan. This girl has had an extremely hard life. At five years old, she has lost her mother, father and grandmother. The only family she had left in this world is her granddaddy and cousin Cole. Her […]

Review: The Perception by Adri..

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Review: The Perception by Adriana Locke

Two words: Max Quinn I loved Max when he was first introduced in The Exception. A good ol’ Southern boy? Uh, yeah I love them. So needless to say when I saw The Perception was going to be Max’s story I knew I needed to read it. Our characters: Kari has become the love him and leave him kind of girl. No attachment, no strings, just get whatever you need and then just leave. She’s been broken before and can’t bear to go through that again, so she keeps Max […]